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Comment Re:How dare they hack NY Times reporters! (Score -1, Troll) 58's NSA's fault when foreign intelligence services conduct espionage against US political parties, media organizations, etc., and actively try to influence the outcomes of US elections, and manipulate the opinions of US citizens? You realize that no matter who wins in November, possibly millions of Americans will believe the election was stolen or rigged, and possibly by foreign influence?

I know, I know -- in this crowd, the US is the enemy, here, and we don't actually need to have any kind of foreign intelligence capability; NSA's sole purpose for being is to figure out ways to illegally spy on Americans so it can solidify the power base of shadowy elites. Or something. Whenever I need to be reminded of just how out of touch many people are with history, reality, or both, I read Slashdot comments.

Comment Re:I'm unclear why this is considered 0 day (Score 1) 100

Because of the specific device they have (5505 can't run 9.6, for example.) Or because their "certified configuration" requires a specific version.

Also, as others have mentioned (and will CONTINUE to mention), 8.3+ significantly fucked up the NAT configuration language. I will switch vendors before I use that fucked up shit.

Comment Non-flamable lithium? (Score 1) 53

The issue is not one of liquid or gel construction -- which is an issue, to be sure... leaks, evaporation, boiling, etc. The issue with such technology is spelled:

Lithium based batteries react rather poorly to being exposed to the atmosphere. Unless they've created a non-reactive lithium electrolyte, there's really nothing new here. (hint: that's not new, either.) So they've brought "AGM" to li-po technology.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

And the cost of electricity is about 70 to 80% less than the equivalent cost of a gasoline car per mile.

Except it isn't. Everyone who's ever said that has ignored the real world effect their shiny new EV has had on their power bill. It can be a marginal cost savings, but in my experience (focus ev vs tdi wagon) they come out fairly even. (it's even worse given the cheapness of an old tdi wagon, esp. today.)

(And in reality, given today's gas and electric prices, the focus is costing more to operate than my ES300h. $113/yr more. To date, it's been cheaper as gas prices were higher.)

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Ok, so you take ~30s to connect/disconnect the charger. You do that every day. Possibly more than once a day -- charging at work, the mall, etc. So, just one attach-detach cycle per day is 5+ min per week. It takes me ~5min to fill my car once every 2-3 weeks. And that 5min fill up gets me 550-700 miles without any worry . There are gas stations "everywhere", and they are trivial to find. Charging stations are rare, and difficult to find. I don't need an "app" to find a gas station; I do to find chargers. And seeing how it take hours to charge (30min 80% "fast charge") and there are typically only a token pair of stations per location, don't bet on being able to charge your car at any random location. People plug in and walk away for extended periods -- no one leaves their movie to unplug and re-park their car so someone else can charge.

I love the idea of EVs. But the technology is still lacking. They're still highly impractical.

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