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Comment Re:GigEconomyScam (Score 1) 589

The $.54/mi is for tax purposes. It has ZERO to do with vehicle maintenance. Tires, brakes, and oil will amount to ~1800 PER YEAR. The 100k miles per year put on the car is going to mean you need a new car in a few years. (I've seen what a Prius security guard car looked like after 360k miles.)

Also, where the hell do you live that you'll use $70 worth a gas in a 300mi day? At current prices, that's 3 full tanks for me -- @550-600mi per tank.

Comment Re:London Too (Score 1) 589

(a) There never has been a very high rate of gun crime in the UK, ever. (b) Banning them doesn't magically make them no longer exist. (hint: there are plenty of handguns across the UK. Some of them are in the hands of criminals.) (c) It's a well established fact, criminals don't give a shit about your laws.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 589

It's a "side gig" and you f'ing know it from the get-go. If you choose to make it your full time job and sole source of income, then that's your choice. Don't come bitching to me or anyone else about your dumb ass poor decisions. It's these sort of idiots thats transformed "RIDE SHARING" ("I'm going across town, who needs a ride?") to an unlicensed taxi service (idiots circling the block waiting for someone to need a ride.)

Comment Re:Symptom of a larger problem (Score 1) 49

This is exactly the "sky is falling" bullshit around hashes. ALL HASHES HAVE COLLISIONS. (eg. one cannot uniquely represent more than 128bits with a 128bit value.) I have yet to see anyone offer proof of CREATING a collision, much less a method to modify a message without altering the hash -- at all, a meaningful modification is so remote as to be "impossible".

(I've only seen one "lab" example for MD5, where a file contains two documents and a block of padding such that altering a pointer controls which document is live and the padding allows correcting the hash. Such bullshit does not exist in the real world. And it too the researchers months to build that example.)

Comment Re:Boo Hoo (Score 1) 276

Lots of companies do that. Especially when it's IT workers, as the bean counters and pencil pushers have literally zero understand of what IT does. Everything "just works", and they have no clue how or why. And they don't care; when shit breaks because there's no long anyone there to keep it running, obviously the person they fired is to blame.

Comment Re:need more details (Score 1) 276

On my personal equipment? Outside the company? AFTER I no longer work there? ABSOLUTELY NOT

Once I'm no longer employed there, I should not have any of my former employers "important data." My passwords are my passwords; I will happily change them to whatever you want before I leave, or your admins can use their admin powers to reset them. (I'm not stupid enough to use my employee account for system/role processes. My personal account does NOT run the backups, builds, etc.) If you no longer have any other admins, well, that's a problem of your own making. (probably. unless you have a Terry Childs around)

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