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Comment Re:Wrong recipients (Score 1) 108

Maybe they should also include the salary of the guy who got fired for it all... Ron Bell, Yahoo's "top lawyer". It really looks to me like Yahoo's senior management team got some crap legal advice about their "risk exposure" ... aka how much it was going to cost them if they did the right thing vs say nothing.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 2) 401

In all fairness, I would say Yahoo was already entering into a death spiral when Marissa came on board. I don't see how anyone thought the company could have been saved at that point and figured her real job was to make the company look good enough to get it sold.

She was probably doing as good as anyone else until the news of the email hacks came out.

Comment Uh yeah (Score 2) 11

From my perspective it looks like a significant percentage FB users share links without bothering to read the linked page or considering it as a valid source. They simple share things based on emotion. I have seen this from politically "charged" people on both sides. So either my FB social network behavior is rare or a typical. I strongly suspect it is the later and FB knows it.

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