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Submission + - Netflix Drops Quickster Plan, Serivces to Remain o (yahoo.com)

BigSes writes: The title essentially explains it all. It seems as though Netflix has decided to pay attention to the customer's desires, and has opted to drop the Quickster plan. The DVD rental service will maintain the Netflix name, and the DVD content will stay on the website alongside the On-Demand items.

Submission + - Movie about Steve Jobs (reelz.com)

hcs_$reboot writes: It is reported that Sony bought the rights to a biopic on the life of Steve Jobs with the intent of making a movie. The biography on which the movie would be based was written by former CNN chairman and current managing editor of Time magazine, Walter Isaacson (biography to be released October 24).
There are discussions about what could be the best title, and which actor would fit the best for the main role.
While the biography was approved by Mr Jobs, what about some other people who crossed Steve's life and who may not have always been portrayed in a friendly way in his other biographies (the most famous one being probably Bill Gates).
Is Sony able to provide an unbiased work, without having Steve Jobs around to make sure they do?

Submission + - Cloned drug sniffing dogs prove successful in S. K (singularityhub.com)

Rexdude writes: A prize drug sniffing dog at Incheon Airport in S Korea was cloned 4 years ago, and now the clones have proved to be much more successful at becoming sniffer dogs themselves compared to regular dogs. Not as controversial as human cloning, but are we going to see genetic copyrights on prized animal breeds in the future?

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