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Submission + - Judge OK's Petition for America's First 'Genderless' Person (

schwit1 writes: Home Culture Wars By Jillian Kay Melchior | 12:33 pm, March 25, 2017 A Portland student has become the first American to gain legal designation as “genderless”, following a ruling by a Multnomah County judge.

The March 10 decision, reported for the first time on Thursday, involved a 27-year-old who was born male but claimed to identify with no gender whatsoever. Judge Amy Holmes, who approved the petition, also last year approved a “non-binary” gender designation for another Portland resident.

The 27-year-old formerly known as Patrick Abbatiello, now legally designated agender, also got legal approval to change names, now going only by “Patch,” no surname. That name also serves as a pronoun, Patch explained to the local NBC affiliate this week.

Comment What videos exactly? (Score 4, Insightful) 210

I've yet to see a single link to one of these "hate videos" that supposedly has these companies so pissed. While I've no doubt that there are hateful videos on Youtube (there are pretty much ALL KINDS of video on Youtube), are they actually citing specific videos here, or just reacting to vague reports that that OMG! there may be some assholes on Youtube (clutch the pearls!!)?

Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 213

If you truly want to know, go ask a traffic lawyer. As you clearly understand, there are varying levels of competence among the driving population.

It's also well established that there is a level of competence that is expected along with reasonable reactions, etc, and if you're determined to not have met it in a particular situation you'll be at fault.

Every self driving car is FAR more aware of its surroundings than a sizable majority of the human's driving, myself included.

Comment So many questions (Score 2) 53

1) Can your robots read bad handwriting? Because a lot of paper documents have handwritten info.
2) What kind of security/privacy guarantees can your offer, and do you have adequate insurance to cover claims from a major hack or data breach?
3) Can I offload my documents from your cloud service to a different service or to my own servers?

Comment Re:lol wat (Score -1, Offtopic) 76

I know a guy who works at a department store to help pay for his college expenses. He happens to be black. He helped an old woman put her items in her car and was very kind and respectful to her. You know what she said to him? She said "you know you're really nice, for a colored boy". This woman was old enough to remember the 1960s, Civil Rights, and all the progress made since then. No young person would say a thing like that unless they were just trying to pick a fight (and even then probably not - there are ways to pick fights that don't stain your reputation by making you known as a bigot).

Ooh! Ooh! Let me try too:

Yeah. A young person would not have complimented him at all. A young person would have treated him like a piece of sh!t. A young person would have looked at him as a barely human species, a member of the servant/lower classes, while they were busy trying to 'curate' a look for their hipster apartment at the department store. You know department stores have retro stuff. Old people shop there. A young person would have been living off money from Mommy and Daddy because they cannot afford the rent in their hipster neighborhood working at the local Whole Foods while their "Design" business takes off, or their scripts finally get used by someone who will pay, and not just used by their friends who run a storefront theater (while living off of their parents until Hollywood comes calling).

A young person would have been annoyed as hell about your friend because they are annoyed by everything and anything. They are annoyed because they know that they are worthless and need to degrade everyone and everything else to not feel so bad about themselves all the time. Young people have never learned what courtesy is and never think to compliment anyone but them selves. Young people can't even manage an Archie Bunker level backhanded compliment like the old person in your story.

How's that for a counter stereotype?

Keep working on your disdain and hatred for others who are not like you. I think you might be able to be a little more prejudice than you currently are. Not much more, you are very close to the maximum already.

Also, no one believes your story.

How's that? Did I do the stereotyping of a whole group of people right like you did?

Submission + - Why You Should Care About The Supreme Court Case On Toner Cartridges (

rmdingler writes: A corporate squabble over printer toner cartridges doesn’t sound particularly glamorous, and the phrase “patent exhaustion” is probably already causing your eyes to glaze over. However, these otherwise boring topics are the crux of a Supreme Court case that will answer a question with far-reaching impact for all consumers: Can a company that sold you something use its patent on that product to control how you choose to use after you buy it?

Here’s the background: Lexmark makes printers. Printers need toner in order to print, and Lexmark also happens to sell toner.

Then there’s Impression Products, a third-party company makes and refills toner cartridges for use in printers, including Lexmark’s.

Comment Re:Is this San Francisco "offensive" or the real k (Score 3, Insightful) 250

Why are you objecting to ISIS videos in terms of Trump?

Because the language Google is using sounds like this includes WAY more than just ISIS videos. Words like "derogatory" take on a whole new meaning in Silicon Valley on on college campuses today than they do in red state America. So it's very important to establish EXACTLY whose definitions we're using here and exactly what videos are going to be blacklisted.

Comment Re:Is this San Francisco "offensive" or the real k (Score 5, Interesting) 250

You were going to say that no matter whether it was relevant of not (which it isn't)

It's absolutely relevant if it's true. Youtube is being very cagey about exactly what videos it means here. The meaning of words like "derogatory" vary SIGNIFICANTLY depending on who you're asking.

Comment Re:The actual real problem with Mars... (Score 3, Insightful) 102

Musk isn't going to Mars, nor does he care about any military applications of the technology. This is just an excuse for him to get more government contracts for promises he knows he will never have to actually fulfill.

Donald Trump knows the same thing, that we're not actually going to Mars. Like every President for the last several decades, he merely makes a promise of getting there that's so far out that everyone will have long forgotten said promise by the time the deadline arrives. Any President promising to do anything more than 8 years out is basically saying that it isn't going to happen. The next President will make the same "In 20/30/40 years we're going to Mars" promise. If you want to know the truth of the matter, just try holding your breath waiting for any of them to actually increase funding to NASA enough to make it actually happen.

Submission + - Trump team communications intercepted w/o foreigners in conversation (

bongey writes: The intelligence community is coming clean. Telling congress there was "incidental collection" of the Trump transition team from Nov-2016-Jan-2017. The intercepts included reports of communications between Trump team members, with team members being unmasked that were wildly disseminated throughout the intelligence community. The intercepts had little to no foreign intelligence value, and the intercepts had nothing to do with Russian investigation.

Comment Re:They own the networks and content (Score 5, Insightful) 141

When I cut the cord, Time Warner kept pestering me with bundled offers, including one that basically gave me cable and internet for the same price that I'm paying now for internet only. When I turned the offer down, it drove them nuts. They clearly wanted to be able to still count me as a cable TV subscriber even if I wasn't even using the cable TV. I suspect that offers like this keep the number of cable subscribers artificially high. There are probably a lot of cord cutters out there who only still have cable because cablecos are basically giving it to them for free.

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