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Comment Re:One more thing to charge (Score 1) 252

Also, a dongle is not a perfect replacement for the 3.5mm headphone jack. I often use my phone as an MP3 player while working. Charging the phone while listening to music. If the iPhone 7 replaced the 3.5mm headphone jack with a lightning port (creating an additional lightning port, that would be an improvement.

An iPhone is not on my wish list, so this doesn't affect me. Hopefully Android phone manufacturers will not follow suit, and instead will use this as an easy way to generate more sales for themselves and gain even more market share for themselves. Because Apple has dropped a basic feature from their phones, all Android phones automatically have a feature to offer that Apple doesn't, making the Android offering more feature rich and a better deal for the consumer.

Comment What Einstein figured out... (Score 4, Interesting) 125

What Einstein already figured out is that as you approach the speed of light, in your reference, time slows down. If you reach the speed of light, time stands still.

What Einstein already figured out is what the post you replied to is alluding to. For a photon, all time is now. To the photons reaching us from this event, it is exactly the same time as when they were created. To a photon, no time passes between when it is emitted and when it is absorbed. This is one of the most spectacular implications of relativity.

Q: What is a photon's favorite song?

A: The Smiths; 'How Soon Is Now?"

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 1) 488

i mean technically if you overfill a swamp with foetid detritus it will eventually matriculate into neighbourhoods, roads, schools, hospitals, and occasionally even an intended estuary or two. lets just give him a chance and see if he works out.

Is this 'seep up' economics instead of 'trickle down' economics?

Comment Visa Fraud (Score 5, Interesting) 244

What the rule should be for H1B visas is that one cannot displace existing workers in the organization in order to bring in contractors on H1B status. Don't allow an abstraction layer between the job to be performed and the original company in the form of the middle-man contractor company to allow this kind of BS.

Excellent Idea, and good catch on the 'abstraction layer' BS!

H1B visas are only supposed to be used when an American worker with the same skills cannot be found, yet we keep hearing about cases where American workers train their H1B visa worker replacements before the Americans are fired. This should be a big red flag. The job should not be H1B eligible because there is an American worker available to do the job, the person currently doing the job.

How do employers get away with this obvious visa fraud with no penalties whatsoever? They use the job description equivalent of 'creative accounting'.

  1. 1) First, define your current employee with a label of some kind. Say they are a 'Program Universal Design Specialist II (PUDS II)' or some other made up label. Then, define the task that the employee currently does as being a task for a 'PUDS II'.
  2. 2) A few weeks later. re-define the task as being a task for a 'Program Implementation and Support Specialist(PISS)'. Make sure to note that you have no employees that meet the skill requirements of a PISS. Note, also, that you can find no American candidates that meet the skill requirements of a PISS, but that the Indian vendor you work with happens to have a few really good PISS candidates, with whatever certifications are needed to back up the claim.
  3. 3) Contract with the vendor to bring in the PISS employees on an H1B's. Tell the current American PUDS II's that the company no longer has any tasks for a PUDS to work on, and that their job will be terminated. (If they sign a contract to train the incoming H1B PISS, never [complain|sue|talk about the company disparagingly|steal the office supplies] they can work the next 6 months, get severance pay and will not be denied when they apply for unemployment.)
  4. 4) Profit!

With a few simple re-definitions of employee roles and employee tasks you can avoid fines and still engage in blatant visa fraud.

Comment Re:Lies and propaganda (Score 2) 140

That's funny especially since it's mostly Republicans that believe that conspiracy crap. Look on any of those Conspiracy sites... Conservative as heck. Stop twisting things.

Any of 'those' conspiracy sites? Do you have any idea how prejudice that statement sounds? tell me more about how 'those' people who visit 'those' sites think. You sound like such an expert on the psychology of large groups of people you arbitrarily group together and slap some label on.

GMO foods. Definitely not conservative.

Vaccination. Definitely not conservative.

Big Pharma. Definitely not conservative.

You may not be aware of all the nutjobs on the left, but there is plenty of nuttiness to spread across the entire political spectrum. Believing in hoaxes and BS is a human attribute that gets exhibited by conservatives and liberals alike.

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 2) 978

That makes the alt-right attractive to degenerates like pick up artists, men's rights activists and other far right groups that want to go back to some idealised version of the 1950s.

The idyllic 1950's, a conservative's dream. There were a lot of bad things back in the 50's. Separate, and unequal treatment of minorities. For example, sit at the back of the bus, can't buy a house in a reasonably nice neighbourhood, women and minorities blacklisted from education and opportunities.

But there was good as well. Take 1954 for example. America was strong, the economy was great and the American worker could earn a living and have a great retirement without all of the socialism. It was also the year that Union membership reached its peak at 23.8%. Since then, as union power and influence has declined, so has the real adjusted income of the American worker. Good thing we've gotten rid of those evil unions who fought hard for so many American worker's rights.

The good old days had so much less government that they didn't need all of those high taxes like they have today, am I right? Yes sir, why back in 1954 the richest Americans only had to pay 87% of their income in taxes! Yes you read that correctly. The highest tax bracket was 91%, but if you read the notes in the linked documents you see that the highest effective rate on net income in 1954 was 87% of income. There were a lot more tax brackets as well, which actually worked out much more fairly. About 26 tax brackets. Anyone earning between $0 and $2,000 was taxed at 20%.

The 1950's when America was great and strong thanks to all those union workers and the high tax rates. Sounds like a conservatives dream, if you include nightmares.

Comment Re:They want to filter anything they disagree with (Score 2) 470

There are many mirrors being ignored. Trump wiped the floor with Jeb, Cruz and Rubio before he defeated Hillary. Watching the Sunday morning talk shows this weekend gave the impression that about as many high-ups in the Republican party seem to believe that they won this Presidential election as there were people running the DNC that thought Hillary's loss was due to everything but the Democratic party.

Hillary and the Democrats were given a golden opportunity in an opponent like Trump. They ignored the progressive populism that could have brought many new voters to the polls on election day. The Dems also took for granted too many traditional voting blocks that should have been courted. Labelling a large portion of the population as deplorable, xenophobic racists didn't win Hillary any cross over votes and turned many people against her. The Democrats seem to be acting as if they did nothing wrong in the 2016 election.

The Republicans now have a golden opportunity, but they will have to accept that their message did not win the election, Trump's message did. They can make this a way to rebuild their party. Programs based on need, not race. Government that delivers for all, not just handouts for the poor and tax breaks for the rich. Equal justice for all Americans, of all races. The Republicans can transform their party and truly do something great.

They'll probably just use it to shovel trillions of dollars in defense and security funding to the biggest donors to their elections and run up the national debt like they usually do, but they have the opportunity to do something big.

If the Republicans try to run this administration like they have in the past, and they ignore the populist themes that caused their chosen ones to get beaten, just as Hillary ignored so many, they will pay a big price in the 2018 mid-term elections. The Republicans are in a great position to take advantage of the mood in America, if they can actually do some good for working, middle class Americans in the next two years and be inclusive of all of those Americans, regardless of race. They need to put aside the history of the Republican party being the party of the already rich and embrace this new opportunity.

Comment Windows is for playing games. (Score 5, Interesting) 322

This used to be true, but Windows 8 and 10 have changed that. The difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10 is much greater than the difference between Windows 7 and Linux Mint Cinnamon (or Mate). The move to Office 365, a subscriber service model, is also leaving many users cold. They are not moving from office 2000 or 2007 to 365. When Microsoft tries to force the choice and end support for the old versions, then Libre Office may start looking very good to many, formerly, loyal Windows fans.

I've been using Linux as my main desktop and laptop OS since 1997. Windows does not have support for the software I use. I used to be a pretty good hack at Windows back in the 3.0/3.1 days. Windows 95 was a nice upgrade. However, the cost of compilers, powerful databases, source control tools and other programming related software had me starting to use Linux more and more. I knew a lot of people back then who used to just pirate the tools they needed on Windows, but I didn't believe in stealing what I needed to work. After using Linux for a while, I knew I was done with the Windows environment. Linux is so far superior for my needs, there really is no comparison. (YRMV)

If you're happy with the Windows ecosystem, that's nice for you. I've gotten rid of a lot of aggravation in my work life by abandoning that platform decades ago.

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