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Comment Re:Certainly job stress can contribute but... (Score 1) 286

Tack on the bullshit of community property, the housing bubble pop, a special-needs kid, and having seen what state "hospitals" did to a family member. Then every bully that is rewarded with a promotion, every predatory co-worker, every lying fat-cat executive with a goofy name, every abusive boss becomes a direct threat to your family's future. That, my friends, is stress. For those who've never been to the Silly Valley in recent years: everyone is competing with everyone else, 24 hours a day. There is no off / down time, ever. Housing has become so escalated -- thanks to the bullshit companies who insist that employees relocate there -- that the $ amount listed in the article could maybe get them an hourly rental with an hour commute. The entire region is a karmic black hole.

Comment Re:FTFY (Score 1) 115

No traditional taxi I've ever been in had a driver to whom the term "professional" could even loosely apply. They've tried to physically steal my credit card, thrown a fit when I don't pay cash, are often unlicensed, and drive recklessly like they picked the wrong week to start amphetamines. At an airport one is compelled to take the first in line, whether they are legitimate or not. On the street, they routinely ignore hails. My Uber/Lyft experiences have varied, but none have even come close to the nasty shit from taxi drivers.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 619

What exactly has he done wrong so far?

Look at his cabinet and supreme court picks. Our shitty public education system became much, much worse. Harmless people are afraid to so much as enter a bathroom. Rampant racism. The fucking pipeline. Removing protections for animals, people with jobs, your privacy and mine, and enabling big business to fuck us even harder than before. Destroying even the limited progress we were making against climate escalation. Encouraging sex crimes and the nightmare that is coal. I'm curious in which universe 50% = 40%, because in mine it sure doesn't. Are you a sociopath, or just a troll?

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

That was an atypical experience; given the countries mentioned, it seems likely it was not a US airline. Those generally offer vouchers / coupons for $100-400 that are nearly impossible to realize any value from. I'd rather not spend the night sitting hungry in an airport.

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