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Comment Re: I'm Confused (Score 1) 111

I've started looking at Root and Intermediate CAs country of origin, and found that a lot of the big name guys don't actually reside within the US, and the Intermediate one might be in a different country. Really whenever inspecting a certificate within a browser, it might be a good idea for the interfaces to put pictures of little flags next to each one as to better identify their source.

Comment Re:Lockdown - so? (Score 1) 173

A better idea would be to ask people willing to volunteer and work as a special team to tackle the problem rather than arbitrarily keep everyone there. Offer overtime pay or some sort of bonus or stock option to those who stay and join the team, thereby only keeping the ones that really want to be there on the task.

Comment Re:Hardly suprising (Score 1) 141

If only there were a universal protocol that ties people to a domain name and can allow them to send messages between each other. Maybe a few set of protocols as well, one for chat, like an Internet Relay Chat, and another one being a Simple Mail Transport Protocol.

Nobody wants to publish standards anymore, they just want to create their own shitty infrastructure based around obscurity.

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