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Comment Plot twist: (Score 1) 148

You buy internet from cable company. Trump kills FCC, net neutrality dies, cable ISP blocks competition. Cord cutters cant watch online subscriptions. Cord cutting services close. Cable sees boom in subscription from forced subscriptions. Networks no longer required to provide OTA feeds. Free television disappears. America loses.

Comment Still not "that great" (Score 1) 88

I seem to recall when they brought out the new One plan...it was slightly more expensive than their current offering and the removal of high-speed tethering made it a worse deal.

Granted...they've got a good network; I just won't pay the full-rate for premium TMobile. Not when I get LTE hotspot for $35 less a month on my existing plan.

Comment Make all audio recordings inadmissable (Score 1) 161

If this happens...audio recordings should no longer be considered as valid or legal evidence. Now someone can actually not have said something but have a recording of them "saying it".

Of course, should Trump win...there will be no fair trial and just a police state of Judge Dredd's running around killing people for breathing wrong.

Comment Re:No no no. (Score 1) 275

they produce more distortion

Only in circuits where they are driven extremely hard...or guitar amps where a tube will naturally do what takes ton of DSP

more noise

again...depends on what type of circuit you're using and if you're using the suitable tube. Stick a 6AU6 in your audio stage and it's going to get noisy.

use more power

You have me here. Thermionic Emission requires the heat.

are more fragile

Toss-Up. Drop a tube and it'll likely break depending how and what it hits. On the flipside; there are ways a transistor will fail that a tube won't care about. My tubes aren't going to care about a voltage surge or a few extra volts in the circuit. A solid state transistor will freak out if the voltage drops below a specific threshold in relation to the rest of it's voltages and will just give up during things like power surges or EMPs.

and have shorter lifetimes than solid state electronics.

Again...not entirely true. I know some tube equipment with original tubes that outlasted solid-state replacement units.

They do not sound better

You cannot measure or quantify sound quality.

Comment The problem.... (Score 1) 401

is as far as the government is concerned; Manning already got off light. There were many that wanted it executed; the same way the people "in power" don't want Snowden in jail; but want him dead on a slab.

Snowden will never come home, Assange will have to either stay where he is or face prison elsewhere, and Manning will likely never see the outside of a prison cell. As far as a lot of people are concerned; they want all three dead.

And that's not just within the US.

Comment Re:It's too easy to be a NIMBY (Score 1) 195

Well...the biggest problem is that no one understands the science behind this...and they don't want to. Instead...they resort to believing Facebook types and people who have alternative motives behind it.

Take for example one "RF Crusader". This woman films videos of her driving around in her car with some sort of detector constantly going off....talking about the doom and gloom. She stops on corners, points at things she things are towers...then rants at how "everyone at this intersection is getting cancer".

For starters...no? RF is not ionizing radiation and the likelihood of cancer exposure is low. The device she's using...I don't think it even detects what she thinks it detects. But she goes on and on in the video about how you can "protect yourself" and "buy this device" from her. Riiiiiiiight. And I'll believe anything she says when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.

"But hey...she's a "legitimate" businessperson; she wouldn't lie would she?" It's like the people that hate wifi becuase it "makes them sick", yet use a 30 year old microwave all the time. They don't realize they're exposing themselves to so much more microwave RF energy warming up a hot pocket than they would next to a wi-fi router for a year. "But no...it's different radiation." Give me a break.

The sad part is...the majority of people are in fact this effing stupid when it comes to RF...and they get to "dictate policy" somehow. And don't even get me started about the "NIMBY" people who do nothing but complain about the cell phone not working. Want the phone to work, doesn't want towers within 5 miles of them, doesn't care to listen about how radio systems work, doesn't care how things work period, expects them to work they demand.

Crazy new lady moved in down the street; apparently decided she would go hiking "wherever she damn well pleased". Saw the antenna in my back yard; proceeded to start outing me to the community as "a source of cancer" and "the reason everyone is sick". Called the cops on me several times when I removed her signs from my driveway (my house sits way back in the woods); attempted to file charges that "I was making her and everyone else sick."

The neighbors...they had no clue WTF she was talking about. When she finally admitted "he's got a big antenna in his back yard that's giving everyone cancer"; everyone asked how she could know that.

"I saw it! I was out for a walk and I saw it! It's 500ft tall. I got a headache just walking back there!"

She wound up arrested with eight different people filed tresspassing charges against her. No one was sure what route she took to be able to see my back yard; so they all filed for them.

Lady wound up in a psych ward.

Comment Re:What about the 10th Amendment (Score 1) 195

There's this thing in FCC regulations called "PRB-1", it is a reasonable accomdiation law that prevents local governments and municipalities from restricting ham antennas. In many cases where a local law has outright said "no"; this regulation has been cited to overturn the local law. It's happened in many places, though it's usually not easy. Sometimes you walk in to a planning office and show this to them; they know they have no alternative but to issue a permit. This depends if your state has any laws on the books. Some have laws that mimic PRB-1...leaving local municipalities even less powerful to restrict anything. Some states have laws that are stricter than PRB-1, in which case, PRB-1 holds more power.

The problem is with private land use; is that PRB-1 doesn't apply. Most HOAs ouright refuse to even listen...most of them go as far as to illegally try to ban TV antennas and satellite dishes. This law is going to make PRB-1 apply to private-land use; although the HOA's lobbied against it...with more money...and the current law that's being passed is just a shell. HOA's will *still* have to ability to outright say no; the difference is, they have to at least listen to your arguement. They don't have to consider it, they don't have to allow it; they just have to consider it vs outright bans.

People in HOA controlled properties.....which in some areas are unavoidable (99% of new building here is being done with private-land restrictions and HOAs) are still screwed.

Comment Re:It's too easy to be a NIMBY (Score 1) 195

The tinfoil types have had less and less power with the number of documented cases of them complaining about a tower that's not even turned on. When local municipalities find out 99% of the complaints from these people in other areas are about towers that aren't even turned on; credibility goes out the window.

Comment But... (Score 1) 55

A court ruled the Fourth doesn't apply to your computer...therefore the government did not need a warrant to break in to it, nor were you offered any protections against what they found. On top of that, they recently ruled you're not afforded any protections from evidence being used against you that was gathered illegally.

All the government has to do is find a clever wording to expand this to your online presence. Then, going with past precedence; there isn't going to be any issues or 4th amendment violations because the government will have legitimized their actions.

That's the key, it's no longer illegal once the government makes it legal; and they have a habit of making things legal for themselves that will never be legal. The rights in the constitution are merely an illusion they have not yet wiped out.

Comment Re:Sprint (Score 1) 196

Not to mention Virgin Mobile's idea of unlimited LTE is only something like 5 or 8 gigs of throttled access a month. Boost didn't give you a set data limit for high speed; but you were hard throttled at 8 or 16mbps; depending if you were on the "enhanced LTE" which used 3 simultaneous connections at once.

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