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Comment Riiight (Score 1) 163

You want me to soend $20 on a ticket to see a movie once with a bunch of people...most of whom dont know how to behave in public. You want me to pay out the butt for a beverage and snack. Screw that. I'll wait till it comes on HBO or something...where I can eat affordable food...pause when I need to pee...and enjoy the movie by myself on a 70" screen with 9.2 sound thats at a volume other than "goodbye eardrums"

Comment Re:No mention of ATSC (Score 4, Informative) 68

Nope. This attack relies on some functions in the "Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV" standard; which I don't think we're going to adopt. I don't see anything in ATSC 3.0 that seems like similar features. Not to mention I've not seen (or really looked) for ATSC transmission equipment; and the technology is new enough that decommissioned stuff isn't "out there" yet. When 3.0 goes live...there's a chance of seeing some of that stuff come out; but even then this type of attack wouldn't be possible. Plus the people who live in locations where the 8VSB signals perform very poorly would have an external signal source, being immune anyway.

Comment Unexpected Reprecussions? (Score 1) 227

So if I buy say....Cool Whip...or butter in a tub...or any product that has a plastic container I can reuse; if they print "Do not reuse container"...wouldn't that mean I'd legally have to dispose of the container rather than doing my own recycling? Or is it a thing that Lexmark has a specific patent on their printer cartridges that would make this work...where as food vendors don't have the patents. I'm just wondering if anyone is thinking about the repercussions outside of printers; because you know there are lawyers who make a living off taking a judgement for one thing and arguing it in court for another and setting new precedence. I save the glass jars from stuff I get..wash them something else. I don't want to have to go spend good money on empty jars just because Smuckers or someone decided I couldn't use a jar I already paid for.

Comment Plot twist: (Score 1) 148

You buy internet from cable company. Trump kills FCC, net neutrality dies, cable ISP blocks competition. Cord cutters cant watch online subscriptions. Cord cutting services close. Cable sees boom in subscription from forced subscriptions. Networks no longer required to provide OTA feeds. Free television disappears. America loses.

Comment Still not "that great" (Score 1) 88

I seem to recall when they brought out the new One was slightly more expensive than their current offering and the removal of high-speed tethering made it a worse deal.

Granted...they've got a good network; I just won't pay the full-rate for premium TMobile. Not when I get LTE hotspot for $35 less a month on my existing plan.

Comment Make all audio recordings inadmissable (Score 1) 161

If this recordings should no longer be considered as valid or legal evidence. Now someone can actually not have said something but have a recording of them "saying it".

Of course, should Trump win...there will be no fair trial and just a police state of Judge Dredd's running around killing people for breathing wrong.

Comment Re:No no no. (Score 1) 275

they produce more distortion

Only in circuits where they are driven extremely hard...or guitar amps where a tube will naturally do what takes ton of DSP

more noise

again...depends on what type of circuit you're using and if you're using the suitable tube. Stick a 6AU6 in your audio stage and it's going to get noisy.

use more power

You have me here. Thermionic Emission requires the heat.

are more fragile

Toss-Up. Drop a tube and it'll likely break depending how and what it hits. On the flipside; there are ways a transistor will fail that a tube won't care about. My tubes aren't going to care about a voltage surge or a few extra volts in the circuit. A solid state transistor will freak out if the voltage drops below a specific threshold in relation to the rest of it's voltages and will just give up during things like power surges or EMPs.

and have shorter lifetimes than solid state electronics.

Again...not entirely true. I know some tube equipment with original tubes that outlasted solid-state replacement units.

They do not sound better

You cannot measure or quantify sound quality.

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