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Comment Re:Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 180

I happen to live in an area served by Comcast or Verizon. Comcast outright refuses to upgrade the drop line to support modern digital service. I made attempts starting 10 years ago to do anything to get off my aging DSL connection; but every time Comcast came out to "check out the situation"...I was immediately met with "Your line is too old for service" and talks of getting another line run failed.

So...basically...I have a Verizon monopoly because Comcast refuses to spend money on their network; the opposite of what most people have.

And I don't dare tell Verizon that, for my house, they are my only singular option for internet.

Comment Re:Jamming law? (Score 1) 266

Infrared energy is not RF energy...therefore it's not governed by the FCC. Yes...light is part of the EM spectrum...and it has a wave property...but it's also got photons and just behaves differently. Infrared headphones are easier to make since they don't require FCC approval; but they're also a bit more limited. Any system that's going to be using IR for communication will likely be using a different wavelength. The IR they use for this will likely be close to visible light range; as Apple really prides themselves on the camera and not filtering IR makes for lousier pictures when your sensor responds to it. Then again...the filter may be effective for ambient IR only. That's provided they're using the actual cameras and not some idle IR port. Running the camera all the time in the background would be very wasteful energy wise.

Comment MFJ has a "no-matter-what" warranty (Score 2) 189

Of course..they make ham radio equipment...and some hams are real DIY. So their warranty is quite liberal in you can attempt to fix it yourself. They'll even send you parts if its something simple. Of course...we say MFJ stands for "Mighty Fine Junk"...and most stuff arrived pre-broken. But you can crack it open and they will still honor a warranty.

Comment Competition? (Score 1) 83

What we're going to wind up with are 30 "different" cable boxes running the same lousy cable company code with the same lousy restrictive features. They need to realize it's crap like putting banner advertisements on the guide is why people want someone elses hardware. This will do *nothing* to competition. It will only saturate the market with the exact same crap.

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 1) 155

If you don't have a high end phone with a lot of space; you're probably deleting things to make room for Messenger.

On my phone right now; Facebook is using a total of 225MB (46.32MB for app, 179MB of data); the messenger app uses 71.04MB total; 42.2MB cache, 28.84MB data. On an Android phone...with Lollipop or Marshmallow; you're using about 5 gigs of space for just the OS; on an 8GB phone you have 3GB of space left. With how bloated Android apps can get; sometimes you literally don't have the space for it.

There's also the annoyance that it doesn't integrate very well with the phone. You get a notification of a new message; you can't click the just attempts to load Facebook which then redirects you to the Messenger app.

It's largely an annoyance.

Comment Re:Republican candidates missed a chance (Score 2) 488

They have plenty of imagination. They imagined they're going to execute him as a traitor the moment he steps on US soil; and that's what they set out to do.

They don't want to give him a trial; they don't want to do anything fairly. In their opinion; he's committed treason against the US....that has a punishment of death. And due to his treason against the US; they will deny him all constitutional rights and there will be no trial. The plane will land, some MP will put a bullet in his head. We will be told there was a struggle and he was shot while being subdued.

They imagine that all the public will buy this reason; and if they don't...then they're imagining calling those people out as treasonous.

They have a very healthy imagination; sadly it's only for police-state fascist acts.

Comment Re:$.03/kWh? (Score 1) 173

That's a good point; I figured they would have rolled the expenses in to any markup.

My provider is non-profit; so I pay wholesale prices. They did just build a new bio-fuel plant; but they're burning the scrap left over from logging operations, so no fuel costs there. Hell, they had to get approval from the state to lower the cost after they revamped their purchasing and started saving a whole bunch; I'm still getting a refund every month for electricity I paid for 5 years ago.

Comment Re:My Internet is Fine (Score 1) 154

Are you kidding? England for the most part has vastly better internet than the US. You want an 80/20 connection? IT'll run you maybe $28/month. That's a VDSL2 connection to a fiber cabinet located somewhere near you.

The UK, with the exception of some rural areas, far surpasses us internet wise. It's cheaper, faster, and vastly more reliable. Granted, most of the infrastructure is owned by British Telecom and the ISP's merely lease from them; it's vastly different than the free-for-all ISP owned infrastructure we have here. Prices are actually a bit more regulated over there than over here.

Their TV is far superior to ours as well. More channels OTA, more channels for free, 75% fewer commercials and 100% less censorship after 2100GMT.

Comment Re:WHOA, You have a "server" attached . . . (Score 1) 154

Let's just put something in to example. While I'm using some old figures from memory and making some up; let's go with it.

Let's say there's 1000 people in your neighborhood; it's a bit of a remote area so you're happy to have cable. There's a node that sits just outside of your neighborhood that serves all 1000 people. LEt's be kind and say they have 8 channels of DOCSIS 3.0 available in the RF spectrum. Each DOCSIS 3 channel gives you about 38mbps of downstream; so that's 304mbps available.

Here's where the issue comes in; if the node only has one RF line serving everyone; then they've got 304mbps total for all 1000 people. If all 1000 people get on and hammer the connections, that's under a megabit per person. It's probably not that bad, so let's say they have 10 lines coming out. That's 304mbps per 100 people. If they had 100 coaxial lines coming out of the node serving 10 people each; that's still only 30.4mbps available per person if everyone is full on hammering connections.

But the ISP's work on the assumption that not everyone will be hammering at one point...and they hope the average person's usage will be such that they won't notice speed drop.

It's a shared resource; and cable does it as cheaply as they can. Overselling the network on the hopes your customers aren't going to make the same high demands is exactly how they operate. If they did it based on the lowest guarnteed speed; who know how low that would be and they would never be able to market it.

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