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Comment aka PgDn "trick" (Score 1) 62

I wouldn't call it a "tip" or "trick" if the meaning of the key is obvious. Of course, kids these days might not see an actual PgDn key any more, and there are probably other reasons for the (unix)? tradition of using space for the same action, like HJKL for arrow keys.

Speaking of tradition, if browsers can respect the traditional space key, how about basic text manipulations like Ctrl-K, Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E?

Comment Re:BitCoin: A Pyramid Scam System (Score 1) 255

Oh please. Bitcoin is like any other technology in the broad sense: early investors can make a huge profit, and casual users only need to pay a minimal fee in order to use the tech. Is it unfair that you didn't buy Apple or Microsoft shares in their early days?

It's also a constant source of amazement how people on Slashdot, a "tech" site, forget about the actual tech aspect of Bitcoin. Perhaps you should look up what it actually does in the real world, before bringing up the tulip analogy.

Comment Streaming vs. P2P (Score 1) 123

When I was an undergrad, the university was more worried about wasting the capacity of overseas links than what you used it for. It makes more sense to share stuff within the academic network than for each user to stream their own copy of the same thing. A lot of students realized this a long time ago, but today we care more about being legit than conserving resources.

Comment Re:Physical interfaces (Score 2) 37

I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I can use w/ any of my phones or tablets

I also got one back in the day, but I now wonder why. A separate keyboard ruins the whole idea of a phone that's always with you as a single, small package. It's also hard to use unless you're sitting down. Nokia got it right with the N900 and its slide keyboard, which BTW is considerably smaller and more "pocketable" than today's thin but wide slabs.

Comment Re:Neutrino wind (Score 1) 164

Ah, I remember the particle wind idea from my undergrad days. A more recent favourite of mine is structure formation, which doesn't propose any new physics. As matter is clumped into galaxies etc., we observe matter being pulled into these centres of attraction, so the rarefied spaces in between appear to be stretching.

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