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Comment Re:Why is nobody going to jail? (Score 1) 37

"The fact that agencies like the FTC don't levy meaningful fines is just more evidence of the ever-increasing levels of control that corporations exert over the government."

Nice to see see people are finally waking up to this simple truth.

We're just Cybernetic implants away from cyberpunk....

Comment Re: Union power! (Score 1) 306

You also need to have REALISTIC expectations for what you can afford and your "standard of living". If you do unskilled manual labor, do NOT expect the same standard of living as a trained professional.

You need to live with in your means. That means no new car every year, no cable TV, no new smartphone every year with mega data plan, no fancy dinners and designer clothes, etc.

You can't afford to live just anywhere you want, just because you want to.

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