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Comment Ah yes of course (Score 1) 132

Another Republican idea.
And still there are common people that firmly believe that the GOP is there for them. That is some cognitive dissonance of biblical proportions.

Dear GOP, let's not think about your own wallets and who fills them for awhile and when you do, please follow this maxim for a bit: "Does this idea really benefit the every man?" or "Has my idea the potential to increase the risk of corruption on a big scale?".

Comment Had to happen at some point (Score 1) 148

On demand availability and no unnecessary junk. Of course this would turn everyone to Netflix and similar services.
What I find interesting is that traditional media execs. didn't try and stop it or massively slow the pace of aforementioned services as their industry will die off in the long run (remember that the industry didn't want to put their music up on Spotify due to not making enough revenue, or that they tried to make the .mp3 format illegal in the olden days?) Maybe I missed it or I jinxed it. Either way, good to see progress happening.

Comment Missing some context (Score 2) 125

What was the security warning about? And what was required of me?
To me this is kind of the important part in combination with this: "when security messages interrupted a task". As I have learned from my parents, you don't go haphazardly interrupting people with some kind of nonsense. If you do, you can expect to be ignored or be told off. If a security warning is about to inform me that a scheduled scan will start in an hour, or a patch will be downloaded. I'll ignore it. It doesn't require my attention at this time and I was busy with something. It interrupted me with nonsense so it's annoying me and I clicked it away. Another point of contention is if the message requires me to do something like restarting the system. If I'm in the process of doing something that needs up time (be it from watching a video, to copying files), I will complete that task first. Task prioritization is key here and interrupting me is again, annoying. Even if it does want me to do something.

So yeah, I get where these figures come from. Not at all astounding to me.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 602

I don't really understand why your score is 0 (at the time I looked) as I think that you are absolutely right.
Where I live, it has shown in multiple studies that the surrounding really has a great impact on the behavior of motorists.
To these nay-sayers I say: According to your logic, a totalitarian police state would make a perfectly safe society.

It all boils down to traffic psychology. A big portion of car drivers automatically want to up the speed when they are on a broad (and empty) road. I even want to go as far to say that some (local) governments deliberately create such roads while keeping the max. allowed speed limit low and fill the road with speed camera's. Not because of safety, but to milk the road as a cash cow. This is called 'enticement'.

To resolve these questions and keep it fair and safe for everyone, the traffic psychology should be addressed. By changing the infrastructure in such away to demotivate speeding or other reckless behavior by affecting traffic psychology. Of course, the few people that are still traffic hazards should also be fined. So the policing of the roads still remain. But adjusting the way a road is designed can help a lot.

Submission + - Quantum violation of the pigeonhole principle (

MistrX writes: From the abstract:

The pigeonhole principle: “If you put three pigeons in two pigeonholes, at least two of the pigeons end up in the same hole,” is an obvious yet fundamental principle of nature as it captures the very essence of counting. Here however we show that in quantum mechanics this is not true! We find instances when three quantum particles are put in two boxes, yet no two particles are in the same box. Furthermore, we show that the above “quantum pigeonhole principle” is only one of a host of related quantum effects, and points to a very interesting structure of quantum mechanics that was hitherto unnoticed.

Comment Re:One thing is for certain... (Score 1) 352

What I meant was 3D scanning and printing technologies for quick modeling and prototyping of various objects.
Not in the fashion of how we model stuff since the prehistory. Thats for old people. ;-)

Yes, I have seen Star Trek. I know of the replicator. Our 3D printing tech is kind of like the primitive form of a replicator.

Comment Beware the Internet? No, change everything else. (Score 1) 314

The problems outlined in the opinion piece is to me only evidence that governments, economy isn't build on massive information disclosure and the changes in society it brings. Instead of repealing the Internet as it is, I think it's more effective for said governments and economies to evolve and reform to cope with the changes in our daily lives because of the Internet (let's start with freedom of information in the form of fixing the defective patent system by altering default business models of old businesses and transparency within government).

Repealing or shutting down the Internet would be progress suicide in anyway.

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