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Submission + - Build the Enterprise! (buildtheenterprise.org)

MistrX writes: How about building a real life size USS-Enterprise in the next couple of decades? This project aims to do just this. With existing technologies available today and researching new ones.

"This website proposes something truly inspiring. It is this: We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise – so let’s do it. The ship can be similar in size and will have the same look as the USS Enterprise that we know from the Star Trek science fiction. It ends up that this ship configuration is quite functional. This first generation Enterprise can have 1g artificial gravity and ample living space. It can be as comfortable to live in as being on earth. A thousand people can be on board at once – either as crew members or as adventurous visitors. While the ship will not travel at warp speed, it can travel at a constant acceleration such that the ship can easily get to key points of interest in our solar system."


Google Abandoning Gears 139

harrymcc noted a story talking about what might be the end of Google Gears. The concept has always been interesting, but it seems that Google is beginning to think of Gears as more of a proof of concept, and that focus will shift to HTML5, which has the same functionality.
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EA Flip-Flops On Battlefield: Heroes Pricing, Fans Angry 221

An anonymous reader writes "Ben Kuchera from Ars Technica is reporting that EA/DICE has substantially changed the game model of Battlefield: Heroes, increasing the cost of weapons in Valor Points (the in-game currency that you earn by playing) to levels that even hardcore players cannot afford, and making them available in BattleFunds (the in-game currency that you buy with real money). Other consumables in the game, such as bandages to heal the players, suffered the same fate, turning the game into a subscription or pay-to-play model if players want to remain competitive. This goes against the creators' earlier stated objectives of not providing combat advantage to paying customers. Ben Cousins, from EA/DICE, argued, 'We also frankly wanted to make buying Battlefunds more appealing. We have wages to pay here in the Heroes team and in order to keep a team large enough to make new free content like maps and other game features we need to increase the amount of BF that people buy. Battlefield Heroes is a business at the end of the day and for a company like EA who recently laid off 16% of their workforce, we need to keep an eye on the accounts and make sure we are doing our bit for the company.' The official forums discussion thread is full of angry responses from upset users, who feel this change is a betrayal of the original stated objectives of the game."

Submission + - SPAM: MIT Media Lab predicts wearable recommendation

destinyland writes: In a new interview, Pattie Maes of MIT's Media Lab predicts wearable real-world recommendation systems. "The vision is whatever knowledge, or information, or services that might be relevant to you, given the things that you are currently doing, will be sort of magically available to you." Her early work influenced Amazon and Netflix's recommendation systems, but now she says "It would be better if digital information and interactivity is embedded into day-to-day materials... Information should just be easier and more seamless and accessible." There's video of Pattie's "SixthSense" demonstration at this year's TED conference — a computerized personal projector with a camera — but Pattie now says "We're making it more like an Open Source project where we invite others to help improve the technology and to think about other applications and other form factors."
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