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Comment Re:10,000,000+ U.S. commerical flights annually... (Score 2, Interesting) 888

Has anybody provided any evidence that the guy had anything remotely like a bomb?

From this article:

High explosives are believed to have been moulded to his body and sewn in to his underpants. ...

A preliminary FBI analysis has found that the device allegedly found on Mr Abdulmutallab contained the high explosive PETN, also known as pentaerythritol.

It sounds pretty full on to me. I think we dodged a bullet.

Derivatives of pentaerythritol are components of alkyd resins, varnishes, PVC stabilizers, tall oil esters, and olefin antioxidants.

Or he could have had a HEAVY tan after he put on the pants?

Comment Re:Written by someone born in the 90s? (Score 1) 249

Actually, what he recalls was partially true. The courier line supported HST mode, which was able to do 19.2K+ when the sportster (and everyone else) was still doing 2400. The later sportsters were able to support V.32 (9600 baud), but still weren't able to do HST mode, which for the majority of people meant only being able to run at 2400 still, as most BBS's were doing HST only.

Comment Agree (Score 3, Insightful) 159

One might imagine his handwashing will be as enthusiastic as his evangelism was. In order to extract the maximum marketability from his confession it's necessary that he embellish it until it was even more diabolical than it actually was.

I'm not giving him a pass here - the man promoted the evil prevention of progress in a most effective way. I'm just pointing out that much like his efforts then were, his efforts to promote his book will be equally self-serving.

Comment Re:Evolutionary Theory (Score 1) 347

You are telling me that entropy doesn't apply outside of the Earth in the known universe, simply because we have a Sun?

You missed the point. Entrophy applies to closed systems, earth is not a closed system, not even close, as you have shitloads of energie coming from the sun. And guess what, that energie can be used to counteract entrophy buildup and thats what is happening with evolution.

I hear they recently leaked a few Emails....and I hear he had to step down.

You should watch less Fox News. The whole email thing is so far a total a non-issue as far as actual science is concerned, as so far there has been no sign of fraud. But hey, a few quotes out of context and you can steer up a big fat controversy where there really is none.

Comment Mexico? (Score 2, Insightful) 249

So this is for people to view and observe the border and report any activity right....well I guess this plan is already in the toilet now that people IN MEXICO can view the cameras and see exactly where they are pointed.

Ok yes, we see you. We will mark that crossing off our list of possibilities. Ok, a little further...there I can see you...keep I can't, mark that with a flag or something.

Well played Border Control, well played.

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