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Comment Re:Possible (Score 1) 185

Actually, most spam doesn't come from broken Windows boxes any more and it hasn't been that way for a long time. Most spam comes from rooted linux servers these days. No spammer wants the old XP box running behind 128kbps DSL, they would much rather target the linux server sitting in a data center connected by multi-gigabit connections.

Comment Re:The big difference is... (Score 1) 75

Only because you are already entrenched into an environment that has been tailored for that type of set up. Imagine having a Xbox/PS with next to no storage capacity where all (your) games are loaded directly from the cloud. How about an "unlimited" DVR where your DVR stores everything in the cloud? Full system backups to the cloud? How about moving your entire CPU/GPU to the cloud where what is rendered is set to you for displaying locally much like Nvidia was attempting with their grid architecture. You'd never have to buy another game console or PC ever again except if/when something revolutionary happens, and even then it would be 1/5th the price.

In short, local storage becomes much less desirable if you can get virtually unlimited storage at nearly the same speed as you could locally. Consumers would never need to buy another hard drive for any device. You would only need a small amount of storage to use possibly as a cache, and you would be better served by using an appropriately sized SSD for such a task.

Comment Re:Insufficient sophistication (Score 1) 428

Besides, Uber would probably only have to hire just a few extra people to monitor the news worldwide and enter a command to temporarily prevent rating spikes in emergency situations in a localized area.

You mean like:

Uber soon tweeted that they'd deactivated their surge pricing algorithm for the affected area

Guess they already did that.

Comment Re: Good on him (Score 1) 244

I can tell you've never driven both a Tesla and a stingray. Telsa has a 50/50 weight distribution, and the stingray has a 49.5/50.5 (most still consider that 50/50) and has a lower center of gravity than the Tesla. The Telsa does 60-0 in 102 feet. The stingray in 97 feet. Tesla on lateral acceleration is 0.90g, while the stingray is 1.20g and that is a HUGE difference. The Tesla still handles like a sedan -- almost any current sporty car will do better than 0.90g.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 244

Which is obviously why you got the Tesla. I went the other route, and don't regret it -- but Tesla was one on a short list when I got the stingray. However, I like tracking my car more than I like not paying for gas and the stingray handles better, brakes better, and looks better than the Tesla. But the Tesla uses no gas, and can seat 4/5 people, but I have another car for when I need to seat more than 2.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 244

Teslas are nice cars, but they don't handle better, not by a long shot. Some of that is because of the battery packs, which leads to any tesla (P85D+) that can actually out accelerate my car (in a straight line and only up to ~110MPH at which point I out accelerate it, and pass it at ~140MPH) weighing more than 50% more than my car (corvette stingray). Unfortunately, tesla can't defy physics, and that means teslas have pretty poor handling. However, it is incredibly impressive for what it is -- a high tech 4 seater EV sedan.

Comment Re:This could backfire... (Score 1) 87

Because it has been shown over and over that people with iPhones actually spend money, while those with androids don't. Sure, you only get 16-18% of the smartphone market (but that also includes Macs and the majority of tablet market), but those 16-18% iPhone users outspend the android users 20 to 1 (2000% more per user). So, overall if it's an iPhone exclusive, you make 250% more than if it was an android exclusive. You asked why, they are only following the money, which is what any good business man would do.

Comment Re:sorry, won't byte (Score 2) 990

I grew up in the mid west, where winter temperatures frequently spend weeks in the below zero range - battery efficiency simply doesn't work well enough there... so cross off 1/3 of the country..

WHOA? I live in the mid west currently, and teslas are all over the place. They work just fine in the winter (albeit with slightly less range), but what's going from 320 mile range to 250 mile range when you are only drive ~40 miles?

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