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Comment Re:Audio (Score 1) 68

I've seen the complaints before too, and I don't understand them either, but then again, maybe it's because I'm not buying the $5 bluetooth adapters or the $11 kmart bluetooth headphones.

Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 1) 276

Anything that directly affects an individuals ability to pursue happiness is very much a federal issue.

Uh no. You may want it to be, but are free to move to a country in which that is the rule. Stop trying to change my country into your lobotomized version.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 276

But, I really question how much these abstract theories are valuable in most jobs that the average joe will get hired in to. A mechanic can fix my car without understanding that he shares a common ancestor with apes. An accountant can give me financial advice without questioning if Idiocracy is the inevitable result of civilized society, etc. A policeman can write me a ticket for speeding, without wondering if he has culled the herd too much and potentially ruined his otherwise sustainable prejudiced tax revenue system for the year. People going in to fairly exclusive and lofty educated professions generally do not have an issue with evolution (or understand it, and can apply it, but keep quiet about their religious doubts), this is purely a madness of the commoner, and one we don't necessarily need to confront him with and worry that he will be left behind.

That may be true if the mechanic will always stay a mechanic for the rest of his life. But when he gets too old to turn a wrench, or too successful and wants to start his own business, then understanding things like supply/demand/taxes/accounting would be pretty helpful. Same thing for the policeman who eventually stops writing tickets and is promoted up to detective. Learning about human nature, motives, basic psychology would be pretty helpful as well. Of course if he gets promoted to sergeant and has to manage finances, and the people who work for him...

Comment Re: what about h.265? (Score 2) 75

For Nvidia (Support for 10-bit and up to 8k video):

For Intel:

"4th Generation Intel Core processors (Haswell CPU 2- 3.5GHz, 4 Cores): Includes an HEVC Software Decoder capable of real time decode of HEVC 4K streams.
5th Generation Intel Core processors (Broadwell): Supports HEVC 8-bit software/hybrid encode.
6th Generation Intel Core processors (Skylake) Supports hardware accelerated HEVC 8-bit decode and encode."

Comment Blah (Score 1) 1321

I think Mr. J. Alex Halderman, while respected in his field of computer security, should stay there. His expertise isn't on statistics, or statistical analysis, and coming to such conclusions on such flimsy analysis is just bad. Publishing before eliminating even the most rudimentary external factors is just poor form -- assuming he himself isn't biased.

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