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Comment Re:Stupid (Score 2) 126

You cannot haul loads of people or freight on batteries

Logic and reality means nothing to these officious, ignorant twits.

Yes, because ad hominem attacks are the solution to our problems. If only there was a solution for moving people without desiel, but such a thing is obviously not possible right?



Comment Re:Time to create a distinction? (Score 2) 80

Isn't that basically what humans do all the time? We're really good pattern recognition systems (sometimes too good, that's why we keep seeing the Flying Spaghetti Monster in our grilled cheese sandwiches. Humans are notoriously bad for finding patterns in randomness and attaching significance to it.)


Comment Re:We are all tracking the reality of things, righ (Score 1) 174

> After the debacle in the 2000 election where Florida was called for Bush (before the polls closed)

You remember incorrectly.

Florida was called prematurely for Gore while the polls were still open in the panhandle.

This probably cost Bush a staggering number of votes in the panhandle by the effect of the losing party not going to the polls, while the winning party jumps in and still triumphantly votes (which in turn would have prevented the debacle). The panhandle is as rich in Republican votes as Palm Beach in Democratic.

The classic case is Carter's early concession in 1980, which is generally believed to have cost his party several house seats in the west. (there are now some folks contesting this conventional wisdom, but I'm skeptical of their arguments).

(FWIW, from my first election through that one, I never used anything *but* a butterfly ballot. When I put a slide of the ballot up on the overhead for my statistics class, the voice from the back of the room asked, "Are they morons?" for supposedly being confused).

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 200

Tivo is in a mad rush to somehow become a distant second place with no direct competitor.

I got DirectTV over a decade ago to feed a DirecTivo. On not being able to replace them as they wore out, one tuner at at time, I bought a newer tiro (Romio[?]) and switched to cable. (When asked why I was cancelling, I told him point blank, "Your DVRs suck." They are at least an entire generation behind in what they offer).

I quickly became underwhelmed by the new Tivo.

Where once it was easy to set a wishlist for all Series Premiers, now you have to search by that for text, which until a few weeks ago, had a staggering failure rate (picked up a couple a season).

With the older Tivos, you could tap the record button to record anything upcoming in the listing, and tap twice to get a season pass. Now, to record a single program is a couple of clicks, and a season pass several.

I'll definitely be looking for other options when this one wears out.


Comment Re:I thought this was obvious? (Score 1) 151

That 3% was all over the lace when I went into their store to activate phones a couple of weeks ago.

I want today that I also initialed it but it may just be that I read things before signing.

And it's not even automatic throttling at that point, but rather lower priority on the available bandwidth: if there's enough bandwidth you still get LTE.

Im also looked at MetroPCs, which was quite clear that their data was lower priority on the network than Tmobile accounts.


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