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Comment Re:AI is still not magic (Score 1) 574

Oh man, the self-modifying code canard. Look, DNA modifying itself happens, right? It even sort of happens by design.

That doesn't mean mutations are necessarily meaningful. Most are terminal. Code is exactly the same. Most modifications are terminal. None are going to result in substantial changes to the architecture of the system. Not without lots of natural selection.

And you're underestimating our understanding of our brains.

Comment Re:Is it true... (Score -1, Flamebait) 355

You know what, fuck it. Here's another post for you racists to mod down.

Not one goddamn person has supported his notion that Africa hasn't had progress.

Multiple people have modded me down for calling him out on his racist bullshit.

One of you ignorant fuckers defend this shit.

I mean, just look at the HDI growths, and keep telling me nothing changed.

There's just nothing to this bullshit. And you guys just eat it the fuck up.

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

Comment Re:I understand but I also don't (Score 1) 274

Yeah, okay, they're also a bureaucracy with side projects supported by wikipedia's popularity.

You won't believe this, but if you live in a rich area, and you support your local NPR station, chances are you're subsidizing other stations broadcasting in poor areas. Community supported projects tend to be a bit socialist like that.

Comment AI is still not magic (Score 2) 574

Every time we get one of these no AI researchers coming in and saying this stuff, I feel forced to repeat it.

AI isn't magic. It does exactly what it's designed to do: break down and understand problems. It isn't motivated. It isn't emotional. It isn't anti-human. And imaging some "strong AI" nonsense is just like creationists claiming a fundamental distinction between microevolution and macroevolution. It just ignores the reality of what "strong AI" would entail.

AI is not magic. And it won't ever be. It won't be smarter than people, except by whatever arbitrary metric of smart any given application requires.

Comment Re:Maginificent wild-caught Illiberal (Score -1, Flamebait) 355

No, this is how I react when racists post unfactual bullshit, refuted by their own supporting citations, to defend beliefs that hurt people in the real world.

Honestly. You are terrible. Stop being terrible, and we can sort out any differences you want.

"Nah, see, racism is okay, cause it's just his opinion maaaaaaaaaaan" isn't a valid defense of untrue shit.

It's not like I'm throwing him in jail. You're just insisting on "politically correct" tolerance of racism. Fuck you. Stop with your thoughtcrime accusations.

Comment Re:Of Course It Was (Score -1, Troll) 355

College dropout, huh?

Good at making things up?

Yes, he's an idiot, explicitly for saying black people are stupid without evidence.

He fucking literally stole his primary evidence for his Nobel, and some world views demand opposition, by sheer inexplicable idiocy and harm.

Any other stupid points to make?

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