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Comment Re:Horten Flying Wing (Score 1) 639

Part of Germany's problem in bringing weapons from the drawing board to full production was that Hitler didn't trust having large numbers of scientists collaborating together and sharing ideas...fear of conspiracies and all. That meant that you had many small teams of scientists who were competing for funds and, in some cases, unintentionally reinventing each other's work.

Personal rivalries and dwindling resources had a hand in that as well.

The end result is that there were a lot of intriguing and sometimes brilliant design ideas in WWII Germany--long range jet bombers, jet fighters, even what we today would call a spaceplane--but very few of them actually saw production, let alone combat.

There was a fascinating program on the History Channel that speculated on what might have happened had Germany been able to stay in the war for two more years. The program raised the question of the Horten flying wing design coupled with jet engine technology to deliver a fission bomb to NYC.

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