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Journal Journal: Attention anyone in the DC area! 3

I'm doing a National History Day documentary on the Committee on Public Informaion during the First World War. I'm done my research and script and have started filming various pieces of it. Unfortunately, I'm a bit strapped for time and I need more photographs.

Here's where you come in. One of the things I need a photo of is a building in Washington DC. The adress is 10 Jackson Place. This was a former headquarters-of-sorts for the CPI, and had previously belonged to Senator Daniel Webster. I don't know where this is exactly, but a little poking around on google showed me it should be near the White House. Unfortunately, it may be within closed quarters.

If anyone can get me a (or some) digital photographs of this building, I will pay you $5 (via paypal) and be forever grateful. You'll also be mentioned as a 'special thanks', if you wish. If you can do this, know someone who can do this, or have any questions, comments, or information about the house, please email me or, preferably, instant message me (aim: mikexpop).

Thank you!

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