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Submission + - Chrome is a security nightmare, indexes HTTPS (

halfEvilTech writes: tgdaily posted this interesting article:

Can a browser's search function work too well? After playing around with Google's brand new Chrome browser, we've discovered that its history search box will fetch all types of data — even text from HTTPS-protected financial sites like Washington Mutual and Capital One. With a few utterly simple keywords like balance, account and Sept., everything from balance information, account numbers and even how much you spent at Costco can be pulled up.


Submission + - Student Expelled for Facebook Photo Description ( 4

flutterecho writes: "A sophomore at Valdosta State University was expelled after criticizing his university's plan to build two new parking garages with student fees. In a letter apparently slipped under his dorm room door, Ronald Zaccari, the university's president, wrote that he "present[ed] a clear and present danger to this campus" and referred to an image on the student's Facebook page which contained a threatening description.
"As additional evidence of the threat posed by Barnes, the document referred to a link he posted to his Facebook profile whose accompanying graphic read: "Shoot it. Upload it. Get famous. Project Spotlight is searching for the next big thing. Are you it?" It doesn't mention that Project Spotlight was an online digital video contest and that "shoot" in that context meant "record." The appeal also mentions that Barnes's profile stated, at one point, that he was "cleaning out and rearranging his room and thus, his mind, or so he hopes." That was likely a status update, commonly used by Facebook members to update their friends on what they're doing at a particular moment — whether literally or metaphorically."
In a post-Virginia Tech world, has university surveillance of online identities gone too far?"


Submission + - What is a nerd? (

An anonymous reader writes: Ever wonder why nerds say "it's my observation" instead of "i think"? It's because nerds are "hyperwhite" of course! Mary Bucholtz, a linguist over at UC, has been studying nerds for 11 years and has concluded that their language, dress and culture is devoid of non-white influences. Nerds in America are so white that black nerds, much like half-elves, find themselves unloved by everyone.

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