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Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 139

I really don't want news on Facebook. Any. At all. "This ... is wrong tool. Never use this." I get my news elsewhere, generally starting with news.google.com. (Yeah... When I wrote "What I want is actual news, devoid of any sport crap, "celebrity" gossip, and shrieking partisan political screeds right left and/or center", I meant what I want from a news source, not what I want from news on Facebook, which is "none".)

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 139

I really wish Facebook would tailor what it shows me to match my preferences.

What I want is actual news, devoid of any sport crap, "celebrity" gossip, and shrieking partisan political screeds right left and/or center.

I block every sports story of any kind, every "celebrity" gossip story of any kind, and any and all postings of any kind that even mention Trump.

My Facebook feed is still flooded with all this crap. Where's this "tailoring your feed to match your preferences" thing hiding? I see no sign of it whatsoever.

Comment Re:Makes me miss Microsoft Office macros (Score 2) 229

You can still run code in documents. It is one of the major vectors for the spread of Locky.

Granted, Microsoft sets macros disabled by default, but all that's necessary is for the document with the Locky downloader to display "Secure Document: You must click "enable content" in order to view it." Two problems: One, Microsoft's "Click this to let any random malefactor ream you with malicious macros" button is given so innocuous a name as "enable content", and two, way, way too many people fall for it. (See how often the Locky folks succeed at this tactic.)

Comment Re:History lesson (Score 1) 333

Now that's just sad. Comparing Trump to Hitler? Seriously?

Unfortunately, for many people this seems entirely appropriate, especially those who fall into one of the many groups of people who feel threatened by Trump and his power base.

"Feel" trumps facts. (Argh, didn't notice the pun until after I'd typed it.) That's 90% of the problem right there.

As much of a jackass as Trump is (I refused to vote for him no matter who he was running against) people who think it's a good idea to riot until they get the results of an election overturned are a far, far greater threat to the nation than anything His Orangeness is at all likely to do.

Unless the left actually starts a shooting revolution. Then all bets are off.

Comment FaceBook won't give me what I want. (Score 1) 40

I want to absolutely, completely, utterly expunge from my FaceBook feed any and all references to (1) Trump (2) Sports (3) Celebrity gossip. This crap is an absolute flood, making any friends and family news impossible to find buried in the bottom of the garbage dump. (Yes, I know, but I'll get my news from an actual news source, thank you; anything on Facebook that mentions Trump is just two armed camps shrieking obscenities at each other, with zero actual information content.)

Comment Re:Glass back, really? (Score 1) 84

So what do most smart people do after buying a new phone? They buy a case or bumper to ensure that the screen and/or glass back don't get destroyed the first time the damn thing falls out of your pocket.

Especially Samsung phones, which are made of the slipperiest substance this side of greased Teflon. (Love the phones, but yeah... I don't walk out of the store with one without a Seidio case/belt clip for it. Dang things practically jump out of my hands. Not a problem with a case made out of something that's not the mechanical friction equivalent of a superconductor. They ought to make bearings out of that stuff.)

Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 1560

It amazes me that people continue to believe Trump is impulsive. There's nothing impulsive about anything Trump does; it's all extremely calculated. If I didn't know better I was say the press were in collusion to spread that myth in order to make people underestimate Trump, but as usual Occam's razor applies and the press are just full of idiots.

As a point to consider: How many times has Trump "impulsively" pulled his gun and shot, or even threatened anyone? Never? Not once?

He does have a concealed carry license, and in an interview he said he's almost always carrying.

That data point should be factored into any discussion about how "impulsive" he may or may not be.

(Disclaimer: Charter #NeverTrump member since the first time he made noises about running as a Reform Party candidate; I didn't vote for the SOB.)

Comment May not be as bad as the clickbaity headline says (Score 4, Informative) 284

From TFA, it seems like these are old titles, many of the people who inherited them have no idea they "own" these properties, and thus haven't been paying property taxes on them since 180something.

I don't much care for The Zuck, but before taking off on the all too predictable partisan political tears, people should inform themselves on which Supreme Court justices ruled which way on the Kelo decision.

Comment Re: Wikileaks (Score 4, Informative) 211

This would put many people in danger if they did this. I wont elaborate.

You think Julian Asshat cares? He blew the cover of people who worked with us against Al Queda in Afghanistan, and when questioned about it, said that anyone who worked with the United States deserved to die, so ha ha ha ha ha.

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