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Comment How do I know it's the police? (Score 1) 118

I get email and phone calls all the time "From" the FBI, the IRS, and the U.S. Marshall's Office telling me I have not paid my taxes or I've been otherwise behaving badly, there is a bench warrant for my arrest, and that I must pay the taxes and/or fines immediately or I will be carted off to jail. "Go to the nearest 7-11 and buy a Moneygram card in the amount of $$$$ and email the card number to our offices at..."

I'd be happy to help actual law enforcement in an investigation, but I'm afraid I will need some authentication. Like, I will look up the phone number of the law enforcement agency who sent the email in the Yellow Pages, and call that number. Number in the email/text/phone call? Yeah, right.

But first, that message would have to get past my "*sigh* yet another spammer/scammer" filter, which is, frankly, set at a high paranoia level.

If actual law enforcement starts doing this sort of thing regularly, the bad guys are going to join the party in a big way. Guaranteed.

Comment So, what is the chemical? (Score 1) 283

I can think of a few possibilities. More possibilities are easily obtained at Derek Lowe's marvelous web page, "Things I Won't Work With", including one chemical that not much is known about, because when the reaction takes place "that's when people start diving out windows and vomiting into wastebaskets, and the quality of the data tends to deteriorate."

Comment Sauce for the goose (Score 1) 636

"Giving more power to someone whose ascension and behavior strike fear into so many people is unacceptable."

This statement equally applies to Hillary Clinton.

Both are absolutely unacceptable, and I can not in good conscience vote for either of them, and won't.

I'm currently wavering between voting for Johnson, or writing in Cthulhu.

But this witch-hunt going after anyone who expresses support for Trump is outright fascism.

Comment Re:Built In Doesn't Warn You About Police (Score 1) 310

The only time I was in a vehicle with built in navigation it was a rental and the system would lock the GPS system while it was in drive - and I was the passenger, not the driver, trying to punch stuff in. Truly annoying, and indeed, caused me to just use my phone.

This. The built-in navigation on many cars locks the whole dang thing into read-only mode whenever the car is moving. My phone doesn't have this nonsense limitation. Yet another reason I will never by a built-in navigation system ever again. (That $300 map update thing is another.)

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

>California seems to have the most uniformly good & adequate roads
Not my experience. It might seem that way with comfortable automobile suspension, but when I drive my RV (truck suspension) the contrast when I cross the border -- any border, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon -- is astonishing. "It's suddenly quiet... Must be in Arizona now."
There's a stretch of I-280 between Highway 87 and Highway 85 that is just plain horrific. The first time I hit that in the RV, I thought I'd blown a tire. I have to drop to 45 mph just to keep from getting my fillings rattled loose. I've never encountered this on any Interstate highway in any other state. (Several long road trips -- California->DC->Florida->Texas loop, Glacier NP ->Banf->BC->Washington loop, round trip to Olympic Peninsula)

Comment Re:This is why the polls might not be accurate (Score 1) 523

I won't even answer the phone if I don't recognize the Caller-ID, and a lot of people I know are doing the same thing, especially in this season of incessant flood of bogus political "push poll" calls. (One of the reasons I stopped picking up the phone for any caller I don't recognize. The other was gadzillions of "handyman" cold callers. Not to mention the "You owe the IRS $$$, send us a Moneygram" and "I am calling from Microsoft, your computer be having a virus" callers.) That may be skewing the polling numbers a bit. (So, in my case, there's either a vote for Johnson or a write-in for Cthulhu they're missing; i haven't decided yet.)

Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 689

Trump would be a very soft target impeachment bait. At least half the Republicans, and all the Democrats, would be aching for any excuse to remove him from office. The moment he does the first thing that can be construed as a "high crime or misdemeanor", the impeachment in the House and the removal from office vote in the Senate will bounce him out of the White House so fast he'll crack the sidewalk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Comment Re:ISP's need to hold each other more accountable (Score 1) 237

One of the major things that needs to be fixed is to put an end to IP address spoofing. Generally, the worst of these attacks are some sort of amplification attack, where the attacker sends requests to some legitimate service that comes back with a large amount of data, and spoofs his IP address to the target of the DDoS. The first thing every ISP router should check on any packet is "Is it reasonable for a packet from this IP address to come in on this wire?" and if not, drop it. And at some point, "If you allow packets with spoofed IP addresses out of your network, we won't talk to you. At all."

Yeah, there may be some legitimate uses of spoofed IP addresses for diagnostic purposes, but as has been said elsewhere, "This is why we can't have nice things."

Comment Re:Slashdot needs that too (Score 1) 220

Kill files based on keywords and users would be a boon. It's not so much about being "offended", it's more about killing a lot of crap.

This. I want to kill file , for starters, any mention of Trump, Clinton, anyone associated however remotely with the Kardumassians, football, and celebrity gossip.

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