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Comment Jailbreaking the simulation and hacking it (Score 1) 329

If the universe is a simulation, there perhaps could be some way of hacking the code from the inside, like the exploits that affect things outside of a virtual machine.

Of course, once you do that, the folks running the simulation say "Oh, crap, not again!", fix the bug that allowed the exploit, and re-start the simulation from the last checkpoint, and we'll never know.

Comment Speculation from TFA... (Score 1) 140

From the article, musing about how an alien visitor might classify them...

"Which of these would they consider a “planet” — or whatever the alien term for “planet” might be?"

Maybe a more useful classification would be to classify them by the characteristics of the body itself, irrespective of its orbit. Their word that we'd likely translate as "planet" might only apply to Venus, Earth, Mars, and Titan. (Rocky bodies with significant atmosphere.)

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score 1) 281

Being of an age where I got to experience some of these things as a kid, personally...
Mumps hurts. A lot. That's just the neck glands thing, and I only had it on one side. The testicular infection sounds truly horrifying, even without the sterility side effect.
Chicken pox was really annoying, and it means I'm at risk for shingles, because the virus doesn't go away. Ever.
Measles, I either didn't have it, or had a very mild case. My sister had it, and she was pretty sick.
Rubella, I don't recall it being particularly itchy, and I felt fine. My recollection is that it's a fairly mild disease in children. However, if a pregnant woman gets it, it often results in horrific birth defects. I got the MMR vaccine when it became available, because it wasn't clear I'd actually had measles, and only had the mumps on one side.

Comment Re:Leave the original (Score 4, Informative) 542

There was a 2 and 3? Non sense. Why not sequels of Starship Troopers while you are at it!

If ever there was a movie needing re-imaging ... Starship Troopers. I take that back, moving closer to the book (power suits) is not quite re-imagining is it?

There actually is a new Starship Troopers movie in the works, apparently. The makers are saying they're ignoring Ve'ereHeavin's abhomination, and going back to the book.

Comment Re:Unexpected? Shouldn't be. (Score 2) 113

I recall in a reading textbook some 55 years or so ago, a plot point in a story was some kids singing a song about someone whose idea of lighting was kerosene lanterns or candles, who checked into a boarding house, got ready for bed, "... and then he blew out the gas."

Oh poor Mr. Jones, oh poor Mr. Jones
We'll never see him more,
Until we meet again some day
On that far-away beautiful shore

Point being, any environment you're not familiar with can have unfamiliar hazards, that the people living in that environment know well to avoid.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 397

And a "Nyah nyah nyah yo momma" response is so very very convincing. Not. As someone else pointed out, the "exorbitant rate you can whittle down if you're a megacorp with a whole building full of tax attorneys, but if you're a small to medium-large business, you're stuck with the whole bill" system is the big problem.

Comment Re:It's just the uncertainty factor being removed (Score 1) 397

Someone a while back objected to the "spending money like a drunken sailor" thing, saying "When I was a drunken sailor, when I ran out of money, I stopped spending!

Alas, for a long time we've been stuck between the "Spend money like a drunken sailor" party and the "Spend money like a cocaine-crazed blonde billionaire heiress on Rodeo Drive with Daddy's American Express Centurion Card" party. I want the "Spend money like an ethnically insensitive stereotype of a Scotsman" party, but there doesn't seem to be one.

Comment LastPass (Score 4, Informative) 415

I've been using LastPass for years. I tried pwsafe (nice, but at the time, didn't support Mac well) and KeePass (which I didn't like for reasons that I don't quite recall now; ended up moving back to pwsafe) before I switched to LastPass.

The deciding factors were (1) LastPass Premium works on Android. (And, now, you don't need Premium; the free version also works on Android.) (2) Syncs password changes across all devices, and (3) Professional Paranoid Steve Gibson gave it his seal of approval.

Some of the others also have a way to sync across all devices now, but I haven't come across any compelling reason to switch. Though LetMeIn may be working on that one.

Comment Re:Not all activity is illegetimate (Score 1) 107

Not 100% of what goes on the dark web is criminal.

Take tor as an example:

Yes, some of them use .onion tor web services for the purpose of hiding ethically-dubious criminal activities. (silk road used to be an example back then).

BUT, some use them for very practical reason like evading censorship (though it is *still* considered illegal in some specific jurisdiction, globally it's not and it's hardly unethical).

Or, my main use for it: investigating sketchy links in spam. There's a fraction of these malware-serving web pages that specifically check for IP addresses belonging to companies and organizations that fight this stuff. I've found that if I curl the page normally, I get something entirely innocuous, but if I curl it through tor ... there's the malware.

Alas, most of them are now blocking tor exit nodes...

Comment W2 Spearphishing (Score 1) 77

I'm seeing a lot of W2 spearphishing.

From: $CEO_PERSON <$>

To: $HR_PERSON <$>


Hope your day is going well. I need to get a copy of the W2s, addresses, etc. for all employees. Please attach it as a PDF file.



Note the return domain not

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 139

I really don't want news on Facebook. Any. At all. "This ... is wrong tool. Never use this." I get my news elsewhere, generally starting with (Yeah... When I wrote "What I want is actual news, devoid of any sport crap, "celebrity" gossip, and shrieking partisan political screeds right left and/or center", I meant what I want from a news source, not what I want from news on Facebook, which is "none".)

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