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Comment Re:No, no no (Score 1) 323

I've seen plenty of that kind of behaviour (PS3, easy 300hrs) Some of the glitches I've seen could be called "hacks" except I don't know how anyone could hack a PS3 games (at least not easily) and the behaviour of a large number of players and admins leaves the term "childish" for dead! EA's own antics with the various revisions and changes isn't much better, either. What ever happened to playing games to have some fun?

Comment DansGuardian and Squid proxy (Score 1) 646

I installed both (on Ubuntu server) and added an inline virus scanner (ClamAV) module to DansGuardian as well. DG also has pre-made blacklists available to save you a TON of time setting them up. It did take a little while to configure but it's been stable and effective (sometimes a little TOO effective for the older kids).

Comment Re:Any news? (Score 5, Insightful) 140

Very "black and white" view you have there. Anonymous would say they had a reason for every action they've taken, but since you've decided it was all just for fun I guess none of that matters. I don't necessarily agree with every action they've taken, but I can understand why people would want to do some of the things they've done.

Comment Re:It's not only programmers vs bosses (Score 5, Insightful) 469

Which is also why I don't understand why programmers and IT usually put down other departments like sales and marketing. Maybe because they don't understand that it is actually hard work, and requires learning just like you do with programming books. Yes, some people will be good at it naturally, but majority aren't. It's the same with programmers and pretty much anything. The fact is, sales and marketing is hard work. It's especially hard to do it correctly, as it's usually the sales and marketing people that are responsible for the product gaining any users.

My personal experience and that of others I have talked to suggests that IT people, being particularly rooted in facts and logic, have little respect for people who routinely dance around pulling promises out of their backsides about products they don't understand and then expect the coders to just "sort it out" because the marketoids think they are the only ones bringing money into the business. It's also the same marketoids that get bonuses for sales that wouldn't have been possible if the coders hadn't put in huge amounts of unpaid overtime modifying production code to include ( non existent) features that the marketoids promised the customer without consulting the production team first. Sales and Marketing deserve respect? When they learn to SHOW some respect and act like team players THEN they might deserve something other than justified contempt.

Comment Re:Zynga , huh? (Score 1) 325

I worked in a slaughter house for a while (maintenance crew) and after I left it took three months to get the stink out of my skin. Taking on anyone from Zynga would mean having to retrain them completely to get rid of all the bad habits they learned. It'd be easier and cheaper to just take on a fresh graduate and start from scratch. Since my first comment appears to have vanished I'll restate it: working for Zynga will make you unemployable. Their stink will stick to you like the smell from a slaughter house. THE 12 DAYS OF ZYNGA CHRISTMAS!!! 12 blank screens 11 locked up links 10 games not working 9 days of screaming 8 posts not posting 7 emails bitching 6 times refreshing 5 salty tears 4 gifts missing 3 broken mice 2 therapists and a programmer hanging from a treeeeee !!

Comment Dear Zynga (Score 1) 200

Sucks to be you. Assholes! You deserve to fail. If I ever see a former Zynga coder or QA person come through my door looking for a job I WILL have you thrown off the premises bodily. Yours All the people you have ripped off, falsely accused of cheating with no proof and otherwise slandered.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 585

Not necessarily. That would imply the car makers gave a rat's ass about the consumer once they part with their cash and that they cared about making a properly engineered product over making money. As an example, Porche invented series electric hybrid drive technology around 1908. Even then it was easier to drive, provided more and better controlled torque to the wheels when it was most needed and used substantially less fuel than a straight mechanical counterpart. They abandoned the technology because fuel cost about one cent a US gallon and mechanical cars were the "accepted" technology. They knew it was a better was of doing things but ignored it anyway. Car makers haven't changed a lot in the last hundred odd years.

Comment Without qualification I can guarantee (Score 1) 224

I will NEVER buy a game that requires me to be online the whole time to play a single player game and will consistently advise friends and family to do the same. Congratulations to the guy who starts a replay about World of Warcrack, I don't play that either! I wouldn't bother pirating a game with this level of DRM, either. I'd just go buy something else from a different production house that didn't treat legitimate buyers like criminals, or even an indie game.

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