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Comment It won't work, here's why (Score 1) 401

The plan appears to assume the problem is water transport to the poles. That is, the poles are cold enough but the problem is a lack of water to freeze on the surface.

Yet when there is global warming the first thing that happens is moisture transport increases. More water evaporates into clouds and some of it, more of it, goes to the poles than before.

Thus the long term problem is not a lack of water transport.

Comment How many lives are saved by air pollution (Score 5, Insightful) 123

Presumably the air pollution is coming from some activities that raise living standards to afford clean water, public hospitals, health insurance, and reduced crime. Can we have a figure on how many lives are saved by air pollution as well?

Yes in an ideal world we can have both so it's important to recognize air pollution is more than an eyesore.

Comment Boaty McBoatface (Score 1) 145

Yes we all know that on-line polls are so reliable. This is why Mt. Dew will be naming their new flavor either "Hitler did nothing Wrong" or "Diabeetus". The people never stuff polls. The reason Vim won is simple, all those unemployed people have a lot of time on their hands, like the Slackware slackers.

LibreOffice by the way blows chow. It's sole stated goal is to have the look and feel of Microsoft Word. Such an aspiration.

BY the way, is there any linux product that has the look and feel of Apple's Keynote. Now that's something to aspire to.

Comment an oozing sore in the privacy skin (Score 1) 68

They are basically asking apple to convert something that lets the consumer manage their own privacy and connectivity to an oozing sore exposed to any NFC bacteria the stores want to throw at it. Basically NFC versions of cookies and indelible cookies to track you and your purchases.

Comment Re:So can we use this for personal routing? (Score 1) 357

Well, if the lights are driven by cameras then on major streets where there is a designated left turn lane we will see shorter light intervals and thus greater flow on the main channels. So everyone should benefit.

However you have to realize that the typical journey you make doesn't involve many turns at all and there's very little optional turning. The UPS diver has a very convoluted path with lots of options in the order.

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