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Comment Re:To clarify the parent's assertion: (Score 1) 106

Newer versions are turning out to not allow bios disablement. The sad history of this, from what I can peice together is that initially you could disable it in bios. Then newver versions had "hidden" bios diablement. that is to say, no GUI bios diablement but still an editable firmware disablement. Then newer still ones, no possibility to disablement. For these some people have discovered that overwriting certain blocks (basically all blocks after the first block) of this allows disablement without the 30 second shutdown. One can see where this is headed in the next generation very easily.

Comment The management unit in all intel processors (Score 5, Interesting) 106

It seems to me that having a chip, the management unit, in all intel processors that sits above even a hypervisor and can read all memory, have it's own connection to the network, runs java code, and is software reprogrammable, is basically the wet dream of root kits. it's invisible to anything you run on the CPU but sees all and tells all.

Comment Explain Trump (Score 3, Interesting) 402

If the universe is a simulation then one can speculate on the purpose of the simulation. A good bet, based on our own world, would be it's a role playing game. If so the "players" are presumably the Elites in the game. A logical conclusion for any non-player character, such as yourself would then be that your highest calling in life is to become a groupie. That role is the only role that has any meaning beyond window dressing.

Comment I use chrome (Score -1, Troll) 144

So I've learned to live it. I run it on a mac. I suspect it's infected somehow. I've removed all the non-google extensions but still it seems like when I click on images I get pop-unders. SO I think something is editing my html on the fly.

Now it's sort of hard to tell if this is some virus I picked up that's now embedded in my instance of chrome or if this is just the normal behviour of a sucky broweser.

That is to say this doesn't happen in firefox or chrome because they are good at blocking this sort of crud. Chrome isn't.
Chrome is also very CPU hungry. It hasically uses an 110% CPU on a quad core Rspberry pi3, and puts the load at 2, when it's doing absolutely nothing.

But the main reason to hate chrome is, like people say about cell phones, it's a tracking device that also lets you browse. Every time I use this thing all my ads are riveting accurately targeted. When I dump the HTML to see what's on the page, no matter how random a website I choose I always find my google e-mail address embedded in it. If I log out of google, in hopes of not being tracked, then dump pages I always find some family member or myself in the HTML.

it's hideous how it tracks you.

I don't have anywhere close to this unnerving tracking with Safari or Firefox.

Comment Re:Heisenberg uncertainty? (Score 4, Informative) 167

All the uncertainty relationships in QM come from fourier conjugate variables. So for example, if you measure a low frequency for a short time you will be uncertain about the exact frequency. If you restrict a wave to a narrow slit then it take more direction forier terms to represent the truncated plane wave.

time and frequency are fourier conjugates. and plank's constant, which is constant, has the units that convert frequency to energy. This is why we say that time and energy are conjugates.

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