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Comment Re:Stereotypes usually have some kernal of truth (Score 3, Insightful) 669

What I find most revealing in your comment, which I think other posters should think more carefully about, is:

that which society has tried to force on them

When a person resists the expectations of our culture's gender socialization, we consider that person unconventional, non-conformist, deviant, or something of the sort.

However, when a person adopts those gender expectations, we call that "natural."

cheers, Mike

Comment Re:To Err is Human--to Persist is Microsoft? (Score 5, Insightful) 842

You make a good point about "starter Windows users" unintentionally running a lot of idle programs in the background. But why isn't the solution to design the OS to intelligently save and suspend those processes to free up resources? It seems like the paradigm of users being responsible for opening and closing programs is broken and outdated.

Cheers, Mike

Comment Re:not smart (Score 1) 439

I can only speak for myself, but the immediacy of seeing my contributions go live, so to speak, is very seductive and entices me to contribute more to the project. If the current model has been successful, it is because it attracts new members who may ultimately become wikiholics. Any new barriers to participation (even social-psychological ones, like I mentioned) might lower recruitment rates, making the community harder to sustain. At least that is my hypothesis.

Cheers, Mike

Comment Re:Will there be no wiki truths? (Score 3, Insightful) 439

Flagged revisions do no more, and no less, than allow people to tag revisions which have been reviewed to be vandalism-free.

What about vandalism that's not so easy to spot? Like a subtle change to an article that (presumably) is not on a lot of people's watchlist? How would the FlaggedRev system handle these types of edits? Would it create tacit approval for these changes? Would it be difficult to revert them at a later time, since at that point the rv would itself look like vandalism? Just a thought.

Cheers, Mike


Security Flaw In Android Web Browser 59

r writes "The New York Times reports on a security flaw discovered in the new Android phones. The article is light on details, but it hints at a security hole in the browser, allowing for trojans to install themselves in the same security partition as the browser: 'The risk in the Google design, according to Mr. Miller, who is a principal security analyst at Independent Security Evaluators in Baltimore, lies in the danger from within the Web browser partition in the phone. It would be possible, for example, for an intruder to install software that would capture keystrokes entered by the user when surfing to other Web sites. That would make it possible to steal identity information or passwords.'"

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