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America Online

Journal Journal: chat logs and timezones 4

No wonder people think Americans are jackasses. By the time Europeans are waking up, Americans are just getting home from a night of drinking. Needless to say the resulting conversations aren't pretty.

Anyway... I have mod points! Post here and be modded up (mod points expire in 12 hours or so).

User Journal

Journal Journal: forever in a day

waking up to slowly to find it has been a dream, a lifetime past.
and now I realize I will have to do it all again.
can I mourn the death of a nonexistent self?

Puzzle Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Beck's Dark 1

Perfection in a bottle. Could there be a greater beer? It's been on sale for three weeks now, $4.99 for a six pack. Good for me, bad for my grades.


Journal Journal: TACOS! 3

I'd like to shake the hand of the genius that came up with that idea. I've never really had good tacos, but I tried making them last night... wow! I could probably eat 20 of em.

Ground beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce and some other stuff. Cook it or something then mix together and eat.

It's the MiTEG Food Plan ® - All Tacos, All The Time TM

Hm.. it seems I have mod points... come here for all your abusive moderating needs!

User Journal

Journal Journal: The Doom Generation

Definitely the strangest movie I've ever seen- The Doom Generation

I watch a lot of movies, so that's definitely saying something. The copy I saw was the unrated version, so I assume it was more graphic than the R-rated theatrical release. I'm still trying to decide whether I liked it or not (maybe I saw more than there really was?) But any movie that still has me thinking about it the next day can't be all bad.

Definitely not for the squeamish, though. 60% of the movie was people being killed, people having sex, or people doing both. And that's not an exaggeration.

I think what I liked (hated?) about it is that fact that the director seems to throw out all preexisting notions of filmmaking.


Journal Journal: 21,701 Roses 5

There are 21,701 roses on the wallpaper of the north side of my kitchen.

And my kitchen has a sliding door! I've been living here for a year, why did I never notice that?

I feel kinda funny (strange-funny, not climbing-rope in-gym-class-funny).


Journal Journal: Aiee!

It's dead, Jim!

Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: the sun is shining!!! 3

I can see the sun! I think this is the first non-foggy day since the beginning of June.

Mixed emotions, but overall I think this will be
a good day.


Journal Journal: pictures of the destruction 1

More stuff about the broken window I discovered last night-

I really wish the heating vents were not directly beneath the window. It's going to be a pain to open them up and clean out all the glass shards.

So am I supposed to knock out the rest of the window or just leave it the way it is until I find a window guy?

I'm really glad this is San Diego and I would probably just have the window open anyway.

Anyway, here are some pics taken with my cheap webcam.


Journal Journal: broken glass 1

I came home after being away for a while to find the upstairs sliding glass door shattered.

I don't know what broke it, maybe a bird or something, but I don't think it could have survived the impact and I didn't find a body.

None of my stuff is missing, and if someone wanted to break into my place the 1st floor would have been easier... though a burglar would make for a better story.

I looked a bit online and found the replacement costs will be $400 or more. Does that sound right? It looks like about a 4' by 6' pane.

I'll post pics in the morning, it does look kinda cool. Right now I have about a billion glass shards to pick out of the carpet =[

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