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do you like spiders?

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  • This morning I found a wolf-spider stuck in my bath. So I just gently picked it up and set it out through the window. I estimqte the total diameter with legs must be around 3cm, but those kind of spider have big bodies.

    It's just a spider, no need to freak out :-)

    • Yeah, this was definitely not the most intimidating of spiders. Such a small body can hardly be seen as a threat. But including the legs, this thing was huge- we're talking just a little smaller than my hand.

      In general, around here there aren't very many big bugs. Maybe I just don't see them...
  • or a Daddy Long Legs which looks like a spider but for some reason is not?
  • by NeeNee3 ( 601111 )
    I hate spiders! As a matter of fact, I hate any kind of creepy, crawly, flying, stinging, possibly biting, hairy, fuzzy, long legs, many legs, batting wings, freakish pinchers type of life form.

    Did I mention that I don't like bugs?

    • Normally I don't mind bugs, as long as they stay away from my room. The idea of them climbing into my bed while I'm sleeping has always freaked me out.

      While I was taking those pictures the lense of my camera accidentally bumped it, causing it to go a little nuts. That startled me a bit...
  • I dislike spiders..I dont freak out or anything I just don't Like the little trespassers. My wife on the other hand, loves them, and will pick them up and carry them out of the house usually with a remark like "Oh, he's so pretty" or "OOh! this ones got a fuzzy body"

    • You sound like my brother and your wife sounds like me. He would always make me kill a spider, but I could never do that. I would pick them up and say "aaawwwww kootchie kootchie koooooo" and release them outside :-)
    • I've always been fairly diplomatic with the little trespassers. If they're upstairs, I leave them alone. If they're downstairs, they're moved outside. If they're anywhere near my bed, they'll probably die.
  • The Norwegian word for spider is edderkopp

    Here's a link to Itsy Bitsy Spider [] in Norwegian ;-)

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