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Journal MiTEG's Journal: chat logs and timezones 4

No wonder people think Americans are jackasses. By the time Europeans are waking up, Americans are just getting home from a night of drinking. Needless to say the resulting conversations aren't pretty.

Anyway... I have mod points! Post here and be modded up (mod points expire in 12 hours or so).

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chat logs and timezones

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  • When it's afternoon for americans and they are online, it is late in the night for us and we Euro's are already drunk. Believe me, I have more experience with US vs. Euro timezones than you might think (actually, I don't even have to calculate anymore to know the time in the US, it has become a second nature)

    See, it works both ways. Oh, and no chance in hell you'll see me online in the *morning*. I sleep at those times (or am at work)

  • I'm about to open a bottle of wine. Let's discuss intellectual topics in about an hour ;-)
    • I prefer to be philosophical when drinking wine... Well, not too profound because after a bottle or two I'd most likely get a bit confused ;-)
  • Funny, I was just chatting with NaveWeiss (ok, he's not in Europe, and I'm not in the US), but it's mid-to-late afternoon here (late afternoon comes early in Canada in winter), and it was almost bedtime for him. (I'm at GMT -5 and he's at GMT +2 for a total of 7h difference.)

    I don't think either of us was drunk, though. I know I'm not!

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