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Comment Re:You do realize most engineers use computers (Score 1) 737

Do I really rely on computers? I use them to execute hand calculations more efficiently and trivially manipulate large amounts of data. To be competitive today you need computers, but that doesn't mean I'd be dead in the water without one. Sure, some engineers only learn FEA once they start working and as such would be hardly more useful than when they came out of university, but they would still have a hand calc background.

Comment Re:The death-knell of US cloud providers... (Score 1) 771

Well I appreciate the replies. I think you're less crazy now, but I still think you're dancing with the devil by considering stalking individuals and spreading the info. Notice that when Manning's material gets leaked, they take care to not expose individuals. He's in enough trouble as it is.

Comment Re:The death-knell of US cloud providers... (Score 1) 771

I was and am aware that it's on behalf of foreign enemies. Once you start putting information out on untouchable foreign servers, it doesn't take a great leap to decide that's in fact who you're assisting. And it's not like you'd be exposing information that's in the interests of citizens, you're simply playing tit for tat by gathering intel on employees. You'd easily be considered a spy, and citizenship protects you from that no more than it does from a common crime charge.
You would be screwed so fast, and I'm not sure anyone would support your cause. It really seems like a harebrained scheme to me, on par with demanding to take your weapons into NSA buildings. If you do find anyone crazy enough to do this with you, I suggest at least having a long hard think about it and doing a lot of research on every aspect, rather than jumping in head first while waving the flag around.

Comment Re:Easily gamed? (Score 1) 156

Time for you and two levels up to go back to school. Acceleration under a balloon will be ~1 G. Acceleration while being spun around will be > 1 G. Acceleration during the ascent and fall will be ~0 G. Acceleration during the throw will be > 2 G, which is what most phone accelerometers top out out, leading me to believe that the app goes by low G duration rather than throw velocity.

Comment Re:hidden SSID? MAC filter? Really? (Score 2) 438

Please tell me you're trolling.
I can fire up kismet on my laptop and straight away see what MAC addresses are connecting to your SSID (regardless of whether it's broadcast). It's that easy. I've never bothered trying to spoof a MAC and breaking a wifi key, but getting the SSID and MAC address is trivial.
Guessing MAC addresses by model of laptop, SNORT!

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