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Comment Re:Just blacklist the keywords of a click bait (Score 1) 105

I don't think that would suffice, though it's certainly a reasonable weighing consideration. And what they specified as the technique wouldn't suffice, either, though it would reduce the fake news considerably. And invite a "fake news" arms race.

At some point verification requires somebody you reasonably trust actually going and checking. I suppose a video might count, but you need to consider that every video is going to provide you with a biased view, selected by the angles from which observation happens. And fake videos aren't unknown, so you need to start including ways to detect whether the video was altered...which invites another arms race.

And you'll never be really sure. You shouldn't be sure of even things that you personally saw, because memory is fallible.

So consider this program as something that improves the signal-to-noise ratio. If that's the goal there are lots of things that can be done, and the early versions should be succeeded by more advanced versions for a long time. And even the early things are useful.

For comparison, consider the progress in e-mail filters. And the twin problems of false positives and false negatives. Now imagine trying to do without ANY e-mail filter.

Comment hey coward... take your own advice? (Score 2) 1034

So.... if YOU are offended by something, the response to whatever offends you is "love it or leave it"? But if someone else is offended by something, you think they are being overly sensitive and they should "love it or leave it"? You are aware of what hypocritical means, yes?

There is no law that states that you must stand up for the anthem. Don't like freedom of expression? It's a founding belief of our country, love it or leave it.
That's the thing about that stupid statement, it applies to you too. What is so funny about those people who talk about crybaby, snowflakes who got participation trophies (and other asinine phrases) - they are the people who bitch and moan the most. What do you mean I can't have a fully automatic rifle, that tramples on my 2nd amendment rights!!! Wahhhh Wahhhh. It's illegal. Love it or leave it. The government raised my taxes again!!! Vote next time. Love it or leave it. Marriage is between a man and a woman, the bible says so!!! It's the law.. love it or leave it.

Just say "love it or leave it" to yourself every single time you disagree with anything, and you'll start to realize how stupid it sounds.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 549

It's not a new feature. The "story" is because someone who exhibited a ...umh... loose control of his utterances used texting so verbosely during the campaign. Perhaps it was intended as a joke, but it's a joke with a *potential* barb in it.

There's lots of things about the incoming administration where I feel "well, we'll just have to see how things work out.". This is one of the less serious ones, so *I* feel it makes a decent tension relieving joke. When I look at his nominated cabinet, this is the least horrible potentiality of the incoming administration.

Comment Re:I'll move out of the country if Trump wins! (Score 1) 586

You don't want to know how much "*real* affect can the president actually have on one's daily life". The main protection is that he's unlikely to have that as his goal. The executive has been accreting power ever since Lincoln. Probably before, but Lincoln was an inflection point. Currently the "imperial presidency" isn't an overstatement. The checks on his actions are minor, and easily overcome if he's determined.

Comment Re:How far is far left going to go? (Score 1) 586

Calling the paranoia unfounded is unjustifiable. It may not happen, as campaign promises often aren't kept. Unfortunately, it often happens that the campaign promises I most wish would be forgotten are the ones that are kept, and the ones I don't care about, or even approve of, are forgotten.

Comment Re:What's Trump Got To Do With It? (Score 4, Interesting) 586

Yes, but that's a part of the consistent pattern. The Democrats use a need of the people to create enhanced government power. (Never mind whether it's a real need of the people, it just needs to be sold as one.) Then the Republicans take power and use that increased power for elitist ends. Then the Democrats take power and use a need of the people to create enhanced government power.....

At no point in the cycle is the government power decreased, despite the rhetoric sometimes used by the Republicans.

Comment Re:I don't have such a jaded view of the visa prog (Score 1) 184

Yes, you pretty much summed it up.... the way money moved around internally based on projects/business need/unknown forces was staggering. It was a machine, and I don't really know who was driving it.

I am at a different company now, and my team is all non-visa employees. I am hiring and using the company recruiter, who basically posts the jobs, fields resumes, and seeks out local people on linkedin. We actually don't want to have to deal with hiring people on visas, but that seems to be the majority of people who apply.

Comment Re:You want your employees to be like migrant labo (Score 1) 184

Not exactly.
1. it wasn't my decision, I was working within the system of the machine
2. we had some of these flexible contract workers there for many many years. That is the thing.. their jobs were actually more secure than some employees, because they worked for the consulting agencies. And the agreements were that we couldn't hire them as employees. (that's how those agencies survive)

Comment It really isn't that hard... (Score 1) 253

For the last 4 years I have been eating primal/paleo. I lost 15 pounds in the first month, and it has stayed off. I went from 175 to 160. It was not hard. It was not grueling. I did not kill myself with workouts. It is basic body chemistry - to massively simplify it, by regulating your hormones - mainly insulin - you stabilize your body's need to store fat. I can and often do go 24 hours without eating with no ill effects at all. If your body knows how to burn fat (instead of blood sugar) when you need it, this is a trivial and simple thing. It doesn't take will power - it takes knowing what to eat so that your body learns how to regulate these hormones. The cravings for those things disappear because you break the chemical addiction that your body has to them. That is not a metaphor, that addiction is real.

Watch the talk by Dr. Peter Attia on Vimeo about our "dietary guidelines". It's a good start.
Then read the books "The Primal Blueprint" and "Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It"... throw in "Grain Brain" while you're at it.

I will not go into a diatribe, but I was never really 'overweight'. By essentially cutting out grains, many other carbs, and inflammatory foods my life has changed for the better. I will be turning 47 soon, and feel fantastic.

Comment Blame lawyers... (Score 1) 387

From my experience, you have to put someone on a performance improvement plan before they can be fired.
You have to have a paper trail showing what steps were taken to try to improve performance.
If they can't improve after X amount of time, then you have the green light to fire them.

All of this is because of legal reasons, so that you have ammunition if they decide to sue the company.
As with most things that seems stupid, lawyers (or the fear of them) are usually to blame.

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