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Comment Re:The problem... (Score 3, Interesting) 195

Precisely. A friend of mine worked on the first heads up displays for NASA. He painstakingly measured how much information an astronaut/jet pilot could pay attention to at once, and react to within a certain time frame. The same sort of design needs to go into cars' HUD's. My car has a full time HUD showing speed, very unobtrusively. I no longer need to move my eyes from the road to see my speed. Same for when I use the car's GPS, and have a trip showing. I don't have to remove my eyes to look at the map, I simply can look at a very small arrow below the speed as I near a turn, and it says how many tenths of a mile until that turn. An audio signal notifies me, so I don't need to divert my eyes to the lower portion of the windshield. If done well, a HUD adds to safety.

Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

Yes, noticed that many times. "What was the error message?" error 0x001523408502 at 0022321503001201024902345, or something like that. I like the suggestion of enter the first six letters...

Better yet, "read this to your support person and enter the three letters your support person tells you to. If your support person is Microsoft itself, enter, 'LOL'"

Of course, adding a phrase like, "Tell your support person NOW all the following letters/numbers," for severe errors, and "Write down and email or read the following letters/numbers to your support person when you want him to fix whatever went wrong. Tell him what you were doing when this happened, open the little notebook you keep beside your computer, in which you keep a list of all the changes you make to your system, and read him the list of changes you made to your system since you last spoke with him." Would save a LOT of time.

Today I got a desperate call from a new client:

"I was on a WebEx conference call, my computer locked up, and now the partition with all my data is gone, can you HELP me remotely?" Windows showed drive sizes and sizes of his partitions. It was clear there was no room on his two drives for another partition to hold all his data. What could have happened? After some discussion, it turned out he had an external USB drive that lost power.

Sometimes the hardest part is helping people not feel stupid after stupid mistakes.

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