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Submission + - Scientology is Dangerous, and now they're Advertising directly to your Family (

Metabolife writes: Scientology is notorious for their crooked tactics to gain and prevent members from leaving. Following their superbowl ad, they've begun spending money on paid spots to draw in new members. Good Morning America actually takes viewers on a tour of their facility in the source video. What can we do to make sure that scientology is kept in check?

Submission + - Through the Eyes of a Tron: Legacy CGI Designer (

Metabolife writes: Josh Nimoy guides you through the details of the coding and design that went into the special effects used in Tron: Legacy.

As a homage to the original Tron character Bit, we used icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, and similar. I was disappointed that Bit isn't in this one. After doing this simulation, I've grown more aware of how often fireworks are used in movies.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Content Filter my Colleagees 11

Metabolife writes: So I'm running a small network with less than 50 workstations. Lately I've been noticing a lot of employees posting on Facebook and playing games during working hours. I'm on pretty good terms with everyone, but I feel it's my duty to do something for the sake of the company. Should I enable the content filter? I would be included of course.
Data Storage

Submission + - Impressive First Benchmarks of the OCZ Vertex SSD (

Metabolife writes: The new OCZ Vertex is even faster than OCZ expected. With write speeds approaching 250MB/s (64MB cache, writes are faster than reads), it could end up being an X-25 killer. This is on the pre- production v10 firmware, the release firmware may end up being a bit slower. Also of note is that the >=128GB versions are faster than the smaller models.

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