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Comment Re: Normalize to a normal P/E (Score 1) 50

Yeah, except they're twice the size of Target and revenue is still growing at 20+% per year so the multiple is probably justified. If they can keep it up they'll surpass Walmart in under 10 year and then they can stop putting capital into growth and really start making money. Imagine if Walmart could throw off 10-15% instead of 2.5%h

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 175

Bzzzzt. Thank you for playing, try again. If the Clinton Administration ran a surplus, then why did our national debt increase every year? It's increased every year since 1957. Don't fall for the "on budget deficit" trick; that takes a LOT of the spending off the books and makes the numbers pretty - but we still spent more than we brought in (and thus our debt increased - because we had to borrow to cover the balance).

Comment Re:A vote worse than wasted--but only in America (Score 1) 431

Well I sort of agree with you, though the economists version of the argument is more persuasive. They focus on the marginal value of ANY other use of your time in comparison to voting, but they get to ignore anything that is too hard to count (such as time, which is truly more important than money). I've always voted as a civic duty, but I would argue that there is a net benefit to society when as many people as possible are encouraged to do their civic duties, even if they are being silly.

As regards Hillary being evil, I basically don't buy it, and I think that her detractors can be divided into three basic camps. People who hate her for pragmatic partisan reasons, people who hate her for misogynistic reasons, and people whose opinions have been colored and influenced by decades of demonization from the first two groups. I basically think it's crazy to hate her for being less than perfect, because no one is, so I'm not sure if that's a legitimate fourth group.

My two counts against her are that she's a lawyer and part of a family dynasty, but they are weak counts. The American political system is basically rigged for lawyers ("government of the corporations, by the lawyers, for the richest 0.1%") and it's a stretch to say Bill Clinton was the founder of a real dynasty. Anyway, Hillary is only related by marriage. I actually think she's more honest and principled than the average lawyer, but she has received FAR more scrutiny than average and FAR more bad publicity than average. Ergo, her minor molehill mistakes have been painted as mountains.

I also think she's suffered a lot of scapegoating. The Secretary of State thing is a perfect example. She inherited a gawdawfui mess that Cheney had created, and it probably would have been impossible to fix even if the same politicians who created the mess weren't doing everything possible to prevent her and President Obama from succeeding in ANYTHING. There used to be a time when “partisan politics [must stop] at the water's edge", but obviously not now. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Trump asked Putin to hack America's voting machines.

Now there definitely have been a couple of elections where my primary motivation was voting against someone, but I can't think of a Democratic presidential candidate who rose to the level of EVIL. Less than the best? Well, I've already commented that none of us is perfect and that I would have preferred Bernie as the candidate this year...

Comment Re: Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 175

Well, if you don't cover overhead - but still pay for it - you end up losing money. At the end of the day, the sale price of all your products better add up to the costs of buying/making those products AND the cost of running your business. Or you lose money. That's the minimum price you can reasonably sell for unless you want to eventually go bankrupt.

Comment Insane premise cannot expect an sane response (Score 0) 431

Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

That is the Sophistic tactic of your original insane post. How can anyone possibly take you seriously?

We know Trump is a crook. He is involved in THOUSANDS of lawsuits. He is hiding his tax returns, and NOT because of auditing imperfections.

We know Trump is incompetent as a businessman. It takes special talent to bankrupt a casino. Even if we believe Trump's questionable claims about his personal worth, he would have more money if he had invested his inheritance in an index fund.

Trump is proven to be a liar and a loser.

You have an insane theory that the Clinton's are somehow laundering money through a charity with open books and a track record of good deeds.

There are only two explanations: (1) You [or any troll for Trump] are insane or (2) You are acting insane for some sane reason.

Anyway, there is only one question worth asking any sincere Trump supporter: Who do you hate most?

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 2) 175

Look up the 1957 Federal revenues per capita, and adjust for inflation. You'll find the revenues per capita today is a little over twice as much as that in 1957. While the nominal tax rates are lower - the effective tax rates now are considerably higher.

Note too that the last time the Federal Government actually ran a real surplus (meaning - no new debt because we paid for everything, didn't borrow to buy) was in 1957 with half the effective tax rate. Spending has gotten insanely out-of-hand, and the calls by Stiglitz and others to "raise more revenue" will just ensure spending accelerates even further. At least that's what history shows - as revenues increase, spending increases even faster.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 175

Profit is what's left after you've paid for the product. That's what is taxed at 39%. If you don't have any profit, you are right - you pay no taxes! Of course, you don't have any profit either... Oh and all those salaries that you "get to write off" do have income and FICA taxes applied to them.

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