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Comment Re:Apples for apples (Score 1) 67

Hi there, I've founded and run - and sold! - several businesses in the US, just did another one. I know how tax deductions work. And I know, too, that if you lose money at the end of the day you don't have to pay income taxes. But you still LOST MONEY. Paying tax means you made a profit; not paying tax means you didn't make a profit. Currently Tesla is spending more than it's bringing in, so it loses money. You don't make "profit" tha way...
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Journal Journal: Reactions to General will 2.0: Rousseau, Freud, Google 1

Reactions to General will 2.0: Rousseau, Freud, Google by Hiroki Azuma (2.0 )

In summary, a tremendously provocative and rather interesting book, but too flawed and immature to be important or influential. It makes me feel like I have to start with rationalizations about the book's limitations. I think there're three kinds of problems that affected this book.

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Journal Journal: Generalizable comments on Google+ 1

[Just the repost. Mostly relevant to Slashdot with the trivial substitution, but I don't think Slashdot is worth that much effort (and still wrapping up my affairs here before another hiatus).

Is it possible to have a civilized discussion using Google+? What are the rules for most effectively dealing with trolls and other rude people?

Comment Re:A Chinese diversion from climate change concern (Score 1) 131

Basically just an ACK, but it I doubt that the Chinese dictators have a decade to wait for economic self-sufficiency, and that is part of why they may be feeling forced to seize the current opportunity. They may know that their economy is about to crash in any case, and they NEED a scapegoat like #PresidentTweety. I certainly hope a bigger international fool doesn't come along later...

Minor supporting evidence in the recent assassination of Kim Jong-un's older brother. From the insane North Korean perspective, he was a dangerous pretender to the throne, but that is not a new thing. So why did they decide to kill him now? Perhaps because the North Korean government is on the verge of collapse? That would create the mess without giving the Chinese any benefit from it. Or perhaps because the North Korean's feared a Chinese invasion to install a puppet? The older brother could have been a good one, though I still doubt the Chinese want more involvement with North Korea no matter who is in charge there...

I still think my scenario is plausible, and the warm weather is coming soon...

Comment Re: I got a probe for ya.... (Score 0) 507

I think the GP was implying that the President probably has a secure phone as well, for actual secure communications. Having a private, unsecured phone for non-Governmental business is perfectly legal. Having a private, unsecured phone (or e-mail server) for Government business is not.
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Journal Journal: Is the google thrashing? 8

[Published elsewhere including the links, but the likelihood of constructive or even thoughtful reactions here on Slashdot is too small to worry about fixing it up properly.]

Is the google thrashing?

Why does the google appear to be thrashing? There are so many obvious problems to be solved, but (at least from the outside) it appears that the google has stopped moving towards those solutions because of the thrashing.

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