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Comment Re:duh (Score 1) 182

For the English language, Helvetica seems to be a good choice. If, on the off chance, you're interested - there's actually a movie by that name. It's a documentary (of course, that's all I watch) and surprisingly interesting and informative.

Just when I was thinking Highway Gothic would be a good movie name. Probably a horror story, with hitchhikers.

Comment Re:Easy Fix (Score 1) 353

> Aha. That's going to go over really well after both Google and Apple have already long purchased some prime Manhattan real estate

If that is there price then that is their price. If they can't walk away from that investment, then they are owned by that investment. What is better for the long term good? Caving? Or publically walking away and telling Manhatten to suck an egg, they are not more important than liberty?

Its their investment to do what they want with, but its better to own your investment than let it own you.

Tech companies actually own real estate? I thought at most they had a holding company that did, and then leased it to the tech subsidiary.

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