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Comment Re: Article is pretty light on details (Score 2) 522

Because there are only two* parties in the U.S., Democrat and Republican. Once you register with one party, anything anyone does in that party is Right and Good and anything anyone does in the other party is Dumb and Wrong.

*no one cares about third parties, they just throw your vote away.

Comment Re: Pushback (Score 2) 275

Adobe will flip on this just as soon as someone wants a massive crapload of seats for Photoshop for Linux and is willing to pay for them. The same can easily be said of any software company.

Isn't that a catch 22 though? Why would someone (a business?) imagine a 'crapload of seats for {software} for {OS not supported by software}'? Even if they were willing to pay for it to be developed, I would imagine a port would take a considerable amount of time. So that's extra money AND time spent, when they could just be running Windows or macOS.

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