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Comment Re:lots of luck (Score 1) 1536

It seems there is ***only*** two kinds of people, those that agree with Trump and those who do not. None will come to a common ground, there will be no trades or bargaining. It will be either you go along with me or you can just f---off. Lots of luck for a united people.

You must be new to US politics. Replace "Trump" with "current president" and it's been like that for as long as I can remember.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 57

This has been true since the advent of the DVR (or even the VCR to a lesser extent), unless you are a slave to broadcast schedules. Just get better at avoiding spoilers. It's a better viewing experience to wait until you have the whole season at once rather than mixing one episode of show X and an episode of show Y the next day.

For a usual weekly show, you'd be a few days behind with DVR, so you'd only have spoilers for that episode.
Now, you could have spoilers instantly, all the way to the season finale.

Comment Nothing is good (Score 1) 56

Slashdot Mobile pages are slow! Ugh I can't believe publishers are using STANDARDS to deliver content I don't want ( and therefore no one else wants because everyone thinks like me)

Google OK, here's a different standard that is limited on purpose in order to focus on content

Slashdot Ugh I don't like that either! It's too limiting!! If only everyone would make pages how I want, everyone would be happy. I won't even so much as make a single page for fear to be proven wrong though.

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