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Comment Re:Machine Intelligence and God (Score 1) 197

You are wrong and extremely so. What have been simulated in supercomputers are tiny slices of simple animal brains, taking orders of magnitude longer than your 40:1 ratio. Simulating a human brain? Never been done. There aren't enough data to even begin simulating smaller parts of the human brain, one actually have to know about the system one want to simulate to do it!

Even so we don't even know what level of abstraction is necessary when simulating a brain to get something working like in nature.

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 2) 76

In other parts of the world evidence is always accepted even if someone broke laws to get it. IMHO that's the only logical way - if police illegally break into a house and find evidence a crime have been committed there the evidence is still real. Of course the police in question should get some time in prison too.

Comment bull (Score 1) 500

No it is not possible due to the dynamics of nature and interactions that are essentially impossible to model having large effects in the long run. Those are the same reasons we can't predict the weather for longer periods of time with any precision.
No it wouldn't require communism, it would require a planned economy.

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 280

How about a chaotic mostly deterministic system? In other words a system where decisions are mostly due to the personality (neutron weighting) but partially due to chaotic behavior of the brain signaling system etc. which makes the result not fully predictable _but_ not random.

But that's really a philosophical question...

Comment Clueless... (Score 1) 85

Not only have the state of the art in searching normal databases not changed in the last 21 years (specialized cases like web searches excluded), the use of "green screens" rather than a web interface have nothing to do with the quality of searches - the _real_ complaint is that the full capabilities of the existing system isn't used!

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