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Comment Re:What ??? I was assured... (Score 1) 102

Nationalist? Well yes if you squint enough but no if you actually try to understand naming: Americium was created in America (USA - during the Manhattan project), Scandium was found in Sweden (Scandinavia), Francium was detected in France etc. Neither Hitler nor Castro were scientists, those that have elements named after them are scientists that have made significant contributions - with Nobelium being the exception.

Comment Re:Steve Bannon, not a racist (Score 1) 805

Oh I wonder... Maybe that almost all nationalities that emigrated to the US first willingly segregated themselves by nationality and language before integrating properly? Irish, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Norwegians, Swedes etc. The integration is more swift today than before and even in the past the effective integration period was ~1 generation.

Why are you so afraid of Chinese in particular?

Comment Re:I"m a liberal socialist (Score 1) 805

Yes but that ignores the obvious fact that Asians undermines the civic society! Everybody knows only Aria... European stock can have civic societies, just look at the mud huts and cannibalism so wide spread in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China etc., that's not a way for a true Arian to live!

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