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Comment Re: Slashdot has dropped even further :( (Score 1) 191

The problem is that you are (almost) alone in having a reasonable definition of SJW, just look what "anti-SJW" people claim to be outrageous and realize that anti-female (anti-homosexual, anti-transsexual, anti-male (that aren't as bigoted as themselves) etc.) bigots are much more common than reasonable people using SJW.

SJW is hijacked by assholes and most reasonable people assume people using SJW are assholes - I'd use some other description.

Comment Re:yippie (Score 1) 83

The stack grown either upwards or downwards depending on the architecture. Both have advantages and disadvantages but in no way is it comparable with the null problem.

Comment Re:Never attribute to malice ... (Score 1) 180

You have never done support I see. Hint: you are so fucking wrong - people do things they have no fucking idea what it'll do with their system just because they are "so good" with computers. Low level formatting because (insert reason) and then complain their system doesn't load? Forcing an expansion card or memory stick into some place it shouldn't go? Flashing a new BIOS that is intended for another motherboard (requires forcing the process as checksums etc. doesn't match)?

Users do stupid things all the time, locking down options are a good way to reduce support costs.

Comment Re:Paranoia amongst the minority. (Score 1) 180

User: Oh, there's an option in my BIOS* that does something *change* - Now my desktop doesn't load on my HDD, DAMN Lenovo is crap - *uses another computer to spam the world that Lenovo are crooks selling crap*.

AKA reducing support costs and complaints by not exposing things normal users shouldn't change.

(* actually UEFI firmware with BIOS emulation)

Comment Re:"Debating"? (Score 1) 146

There are plenty of fun games out there, it is obvious that you (as the AC below points out) "grown old" and just like to reminisce how the good old days were and how everything now is crap (despite not trying to find the good games available). Yes there are some trends that are irritating if one just want to game - forced tutorials are my favorite hate object - and adding things that seriously impacts immersion* (buy stuff for real money etc.). But are those things really so bad that it removes the fun from games? I think not.

(* Deus Ex Mankind divided have a lot of such things, triangle codes? Bullshit. And the ending was a real anti-climax at least for me. I have never really liked the "hero" either - But it still is a good, fun game!)

Comment Re:But we still have to put up with (Score 1) 98

They are (generally) bulkier than the equivalent USB stick. My level 2 backup is in a modified SD-card reader (removed casing, desoldered the micro-SD slot and added another full-size slot) and while it have performed nicely with two large no-name high-speed SDXC cards it still needs some care while handling. The cards can sometimes be disconnected, the lack of a (bulky) plastic case means there are less protection if the device would be dropped etc. And it is still pretty bulky.

Comment Re:The articles leave too much unanswered (Score 1) 294

Being kept away from her parents which she had a psychological dependency (after being told that she's very sick for so long she believes it)?

I don't know anything about this case so the above is 100% speculation. That doesn't change the fact the above does happen, not often but still...

Comment Re:Brought to you by SJWs (Score 1) 127

Not replying to you, the post isn't worth it and you are posting as an AC - but replying to those idiots that moderated you.

This have nothing to do with social justice, this is an example of hyped stuff that failed. There have been many other examples of this including some in the computer field _but_ in no case have the gender of the CEO been of interest and no hoard of idiots have constructed conspiracy theories involving social justice and/or men's right movements. Because that would be proof of mental problems.

This case isn't any different. Technology that would be revolutionary? Check. Someone skilled in communication pushing the technology? Check. Creator have the right contacts to ensure initial support/money? Check. The right stuff at the right time? Well, sort of - improvements on these kinds of tests are always wanted.

TL;DR shove that SJW crap up your asses then maybe, just maybe, nobody will know that you are conspiracy nuts.

Comment Re:SInking SHip (Score 2) 83

Many times, may I suggest that you do some studying? Because the monopoly controls existing today weren't created because some dude named Marx speculated about it, they were created to avoid problems that actually existed at the time.

Monopolies still exist today but mostly in a different form - a few companies that willingly divide a market between them making it near impossible for new actors to enter. For consumers and corporations alike that is the same problem as a real monopoly but technically a market with two-three strong companies isn't one.

Comment Re:What's undignified about rats? (Score 1) 429

The problem isn't that rats exist - they fill a niche. The problem is that of uncontrolled populations of animals, not rats in particular. Cats and dogs (commonly seen near people) are also disease carrying vermin, often more dangerous to people than rats. If it was a wild dog that found the baby in your example it's been the head that was chewed on, if it were a wild cat the damage would be worse too. Wild dogs and cats shit everywhere, intrudes whenever they can and steal food by habit. They commonly spread diseases and parasites. Their mentality is generally very aggressive.

Pet cats, dogs _and_ rats aren't a problem. Uncontrolled populations of any animal is, some would say that includes people too.

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