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Comment Re:Just got nailed by one of these... (Score 1) 342

If you're talking about the one on 70, I completely agree with you that it's bullshit to have it there. I pass by it a few times a week, and once when I was the only one for a few thousand feet passing by it, I tested how accurate their speedometer was, and it turns out it was about 5 mph higher than my own speedometer.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Tremulous Switching To Xbox Live, Exclusively 43

An anonymous reader writes "Darklegion Development and Microsoft have apparently been working on a new version of Tremulous for the Xbox 360. Timbor, project founder and a main developer of Tremulous, said this in a recent announcement: 'What does this mean for you? You will now be able to play Tremulous on Xbox Live with thousands of other gamers, earning achievements and showing off your gaming skill. In the best interest of maintaining a steady and secure Tremulous playerbase, Tremulous is going to be exclusively available for Xbox Live. Existing infrastructure will no longer receive official support. Players who have already been playing for at least three months can apply for a €5/$7 coupon as a show of our appreciation of your enthusiasm so far! What does this mean for the community? Hopefully nothing! While the production of Tremulous switches from its current open source development to a closed source environment handled by the very capable and experienced Microsoft engineers, the efforts of the community will still be valued. In this collaboration we have made it very clear that the Tremulous community is very important to the game, and Microsoft agrees with us on this point. We are confident that this move will not stifle the creative output of the community.'"
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Tremulous moves to Xbox, loses sight of open roots 1

An anonymous reader writes: Following in the footsteps of popular open source shooter Nexuiz, Tim Angus, better known by the open source gaming community as "Timbo", has announced that a deal has been reached between Microsoft game studios and Darklegion Development to bring the Tremulous concept to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox live service. As part of the deal, Microsoft has acquired all rights to the Tremulous brand, including the domain.
Unfortunately, while attempts were made by the community to negotiate the co-existence of xbox and open source projects under the same name, MGS flatly refused to allow this and, just hours after the original announcement, the disgruntled ex-dev team made the decision to fork Tremulous. The resulting project, "Librelous", a portmanteau of Libre and Tremulous, promises to breath new life into the game with brand new music, sounds and high res graphics, in addition to the much anticipated flashlight.

Comment Re:WAT is Voluntary and Doesn't Impact OS Usage (Score 1) 819

Pirates will just run a cracked version of Windows with WAT disabled, or cracked in some way. You're severely underestimating these people.

How would it reduce the number of pirated installations with malicious code if you *don't* reduce their functionality? The normal user would just click the little X in the corner to make the annoying nag screen go away.

Comment Hate to bump into something on accident... (Score 1) 276

I sure hope they put some sort of ring around the props(like a computer cooling fan) to keep them from striking near objects. I'm not saying I'm a terrible driver, but there are such people who can't drive worth a crap. If everyone had one of these I'm sure people would be bumping into buildings in their takeoff or landing procedures. Some sort of hard rubber bumper ring around the props(to prevent damage) would suffice. I'm not sure how it would affect flight capability though(I'm not an aerospace engineer).

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