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Journal Journal: My very first Linux install

My first Linux install - on a laptop, no less.

I have used Linux casually on a number of occasions. I've never used it enough to get into the guts.

Well today, I D/L'd Mandrake 9.1, and gave it a spin...on the HP ze5300 laptop. The final results? Great, so far.

I had a few hiccups: the standard installer would hang when detecting/installing the firewire port, but throwing the "noauto" switch on the installer solved that. Then I had a problem with the configuration of XFree86 (got that one solved too, the CLI is your friend.) Finally the 802.11b required a little jiggling, but once I found where *I* had made a mistake configuring it, it came immediately to life. All-in-all, not a bad experience for my first install.

Now all I have to do is get used to the system, and buy a few good books on the subject, and I'm free of the liscensing fee spiral (at least on one system - you'll probably not see Linux on my gaming rig for a while yet.)

By the way, KOffice works very well, and hasn't had a problem with any of my files yet.


Journal Journal: Oh, how I love thee, 802.11b

I'm sitting in the living room, watching that stupid Matthew Perry/Selma Hayak movie - the heat outside has me trapped indoors.

Luckily, my new laptop (HP Pavilion ze5385 - nice job HP.) It has built-in 802.11b, which connected effortlessly to my existing network. I can't stress enough how much I love being able to work anywhere on the property. I would have built a wireless network even had it been a major hassle, but I've had absolutely no problems - you just can't beat that.

Yes, I've enabled WEP, (and limited the available IP addy's) so don't bother coming over to dip into my broadband. LOL.


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