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Comment Re:yes (Score 0, Troll) 1049

Wrong. If you're using an email address from AOL you're wearing a big sign on your forehead that says "I have no clue what is going on in the world." I don't care if you actually do or not. You wouldn't wear a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals to meet with a big client, so you shouldn't do the same thing with your email address.

How you present yourself is important. If you don't realize that you're not living in reality.

And yes, if I ever see someone with an AOL address, I immediately mentally disqualify the possibility that they know anything about what is going on with computers and technology.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Celebrity AD&D Character Sheets 194

GnomeIllusionist writes "In their continuing tribute to Gary Gygax, Wired has created character sheets for nine celebrities. Apparently, Stephen Hawking can do 10D6 radiation damage to his enemies and Rick Astley is a 20th-Level bard. Steve Jobs' black turtleneck is actually magical armor with +6 against edged attacks." Most of them are kinda cheesy and obvious- I wonder if you can do better.

US Cyber Command Reveals Plans To Hit Back At Cyber Threats 95

CNet News.com is reporting that the Air Force's Cyber Command has just as much interest in offense as defense. "Air Force Cyber Command (AFCYBER), a US military unit set up in September 2007 to fight in cyberspace, is due to become fully operational in the autumn under the aegis of the US Eighth Air Force. Lieutenant general Robert J. Elder Jr., who commands the Eighth Air Force's Barksdale base, told ZDNet.co.uk at the Cyber Warfare Conference 2008 that Air Force is interested in developing its capabilities to attack enemy forces as well as defend critical national infrastructure. "

Submission + - Is Your Inkjet Printer Spying on You? 1

ulysses38 writes: Seeing Yellow is a site that the good folks at the MIT Media Lab put up to inform consumers that printer manufacturers are embedding personal information in output from inkjet printers. Nope, I am not kidding.

From the site "When you print on a color laser printer, it's likely that you are also printing a pattern of invisible yellow dots. These marks exist to allow the printer companies and governments to track and identify you — presumably as a way to combat money counterfeiting. When one person asked his printer manufacturer about turning off the tracking dots, Secret Service agents showed up at his door several days later."

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