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Comment I haven't bought a BluRay in about a year (Score 2) 316

I haven't bought a BluRay in about a year. It's not because the movies are on NetFlix, it's because most of the crap that's come out in the last few years isn't worth watching more than once, and hence isn't worth owning. The last BluRay I bought was The Princess Bride (which I already owned on DVD), because I watch it over and over again.

Sadly, the days when movies were compelling enough to keep watching over and over again seem to be gone. DVD and BluRay sales are dying as a result.

Submission + - Democrat Operatives Caused Violence at Trump Rallies, Framed Sanders Supporters (youtube.com) 16

Xenographic writes: A new video has come out detailing how Democratic operatives created violence at Trump rallies. You may remember that they then framed Sanders supporters for those protests. This video is notable because one of the operatives, Zulema Rodriguez, can be identified in videos of the Arizona protests at 17:35 in this independent video as well as at 10:30 in the first video link. Furthermore, you look at the FEC records of disbursements to her and see that she was paid by MoveOn.org. Finally, this again can be corroborated with the Wikileaks dump, specifically this email. For those too lazy to browse all the links, you can see Zulema's appearance in both videos in this image and note that it's the same person down to the tiny mole on her chest.

Comment Re:Who needs free voice? (Score 1) 134

Perhaps someone could invent a way to modulate a data signal into something that would fit onto a voice channel. Then your phone could call that device and use this voice link for data transmission. Surely one day such a technology will be invented.

Yes... some sort of MOdulator/DEModulator. Now all we need is a catchy name for it.... (sorry, my capslock got stuck)

Comment Re:Yay. (Score 3, Informative) 277

Everything eclipse based got hit with that when Oracle rightly changed the vendor property of the Sun jvm to oracle, afaik checking that did not even make sense since both version and name of the jvm have their own properties . Sadly no programming language can protect you against stupid programmers, any attempt will be dwarfed by the world producing better idiots.

Speaking as someone who is an Eclipse committer, your representation of the situation is not accurate.

Sun's JVM has different proprietary options than other JVMs. It also has this notion of PermGen space that other VMs don't have, where various classloader stuff and other things can be stored. Run out of space there, and the JVM blows up.

When you have a Java application like Eclipse that is really big, it's not hard to run out of PermGen, especially because the default size is so paltry. So, the Eclipse launcher needs to be able to modify this size of the PermGen. However, the special command line option to do this is proprietary to the Sun JVM, and if you pass it to someone else's JVM it's common for that JVM to refuse to run because you gave it an option it didn't recognize.

So, Eclipse has to:

  1. Check which JVM it is launching with.
  2. Is it the Sun JVM?
  3. If it is, pass PermGen options

How do you propose checking #2 without checking the vendor name of the JVM?

Maybe you should look into things more before you call a bunch of experienced, professional, open source programmers stupid idiots.

Comment Re:Nice hardware. Blackberry OS - not so much. (Score 1) 302

If somebody could get Android 4 running on it, these things technically should outperform anything else in it's price class.

In theory it will run Android apps already if you repackage them into .bar format (not something your grandma will do, but doable for geek types). The problem is that they run in a shitty emulator that likes to freeze or crash a lot.

Comment Re:Apple owns Steve's likeness??? (Score 1) 172

Take a closer look at the base of the figurine. Recognise it?

That will teach me to not RTFA and just go by the summary. The figurine clearly has an Apple logo for its base. However, the summary and article both make it sound as if Apple is suing over Steve's likeness, not the use of their logo. So, you can understand why I found it all confusing.

Comment Apple owns Steve's likeness??? (Score 1) 172

Umm... what right does Apple have to sue over Steve's likeness? Shouldn't suit be brought by Steve himself rather than Apple? Did he sign over rights to his likeness to Apple?

I could see it if perhaps the figurine were based on a copyrighted image owned by Apple that contained Steve, but unless he's in a very specific pose or something it might be hard to prove.

Next thing we'll see is Apple trademarking Steve altogether and using him for their logo...

Comment Re:Street Legality: Nope! (Score 1) 87

It's a damn shame that to make this thing street legal, you actually have to crash a bunch of them.

And building like 10 of them, is going to be a real issue.

Actually, you'd have to do more than that in order to make it street legal. It has no mirrors and no signal lights, for starters.

You wouldn't want it the way it was originally designed anyway, other than as something to look at. I've seen the original prop, and the inside was pretty barren. Other than the basic controls, a seat, and a seatbelt, the entire inside is pretty much just sheet aluminum. The guy I saw backing it off a trailer (with lots of help btw, as with no back window and no mirrors, he couldn't see WTF he was doing) was sweating his balls off in there, even with the top down, as it was the middle of summer, and there was no insulation between him and the heat of the engine, nor any air conditioning.

A prop-accurate Tumbler would pretty much only be good for a prop or a conversation piece.

Comment Re:What about servers? (Score 1) 451

I don't see much use of Java on the desktop these days (aside from a few specific applications)

Ok, but those applications are relatively significant...

Eclipse. (Open|Libre)Office. Lotus Notes and just about any other desktop application made by IBM in the last eight to ten years. Many others.

The apps I listed are very important for a lot of businesses. A lot of critical applications only exist on the Mac because of Java.

I don't think Java on the Mac is going away entirely. If there were no JVM at all on the Mac, it would pretty much kill the platform in the business segment of the market. I think it's more the case that Apple has looked at things like OpenJDK and decided that it's not worth the resources to maintain their own JVM in a near vacuum. I imagine that it's intended for the slack to be picked up from some other direction, we just haven't heard the plan yet.

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