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Comment Re:I've been playing MWO since closed beta... (Score 1) 189

William, When the game was funded they made a point of promising a 1PV Semi-Simulator that would never include "features" like coolant and 3pv They crowed funded the game as no publisher would touch it Without the founders there would have been no MWO at all. People are upset due to the developer’s lies. They have now censored everything on their website to remove anything to do with 1PV "promises" to prevent refunds to due false advertising.

Comment Didnt they just cancel funding? (Score 1) 291

Too bad they aren't working on it anymore! "The Senate just drove a stake into the Navy’s high-tech heart. The directed energy and electromagnetic weapons intended to protect the surface ships of the future? Terminated. The Free Electron Laser and the Electromagnetic Rail Gun are experimental weapons that the Navy hope will one day burn missiles careening toward their ships out of the sky and fire bullets at hypersonic speeds at targets thousands of miles away. Neither will be ready until at least the 2020s, the Navy estimates. But the Senate Armed Services Committee has a better delivery date in mind: never. The committee approved its version of the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill on Friday, priced to move at $664.5 billion, some $6.4 billion less than what the Obama administration wanted. The bill “terminates” the Free Electron Laser and the rail gun, a summary released by the committee gleefully reports."

Submission + - Graf_Chokolo's Home Visited Again (

MeatoBurrito writes: "graf_chokolo says:
April 13, 2011 at 6:58 am

SONY was at my home today again, with a new TRO against me. They took my whole equipment again and told me to stop my OtherOS project or else . , guys. They definitely do not want OtherOS back on PS3. They want me to take down all my OtherOS and PS3 utils. Make sure to clone all my GIT repositories. I don’t think you want me to stop, guys, do you ? Tell me what you think."

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