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Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 81

Streaming on your tablet is fine but you want to own an actual TV in the UK, you need a licence, whether you watch live TV or just use it for TV games is irrelevant.


I cancelled my TV license last year as i don't own any TV services (eg: sky/virgin), and, i don't watch TV as its being shown live. Our household only uses internet streaming, netflix and bbc i player (on demand).

The TV license "representative" who checked my property confirmed, you only need a license if you watch or record LIVE tv.
Even if you have a SKYbox or Virgin box, they would still need to prove your doing it before they can fine you.

TV licensing uses "scare tactics" in their methods. But the basic rule applies for everyone. You only legally need a TV license if you watch or record LIVE tv. Ondemand is not LIVE.
Just be aware that watching BBC i Player when the program is being broadcast LIVE does count as breaking the law without a TV license.

Comment Re:negative comments? (Score 1) 215

I see a lot of negative comments pertaining to teaching basic as a first step in understanding how to code. I respectfully disagree. I believe that basic removes all of the complexity that gets in the way of learning pure logic skills.

I kind of agree, it worked for me.
When i was 12, i self taught Qbasic and wrote a simple program. 10 years later, i went back into programming and self taught C, a year after that i learned C++.

"Self taught" is the key. Most people cant achieve knowledge/skill in an area, unless they have the interest and a drive to do so. Programming isnt for everyone. However, looking back, i honestly believe a "programming" lesson at school could of changed my careerer, regardless of the language.

Now my programming skills are used for hobbies and projects that i enjoy doing. On the other hand, if programming was my full-time careerer, i very much believe the enjoyment of programming would disappear, quickly.

Comment Re:Only useful if your find yourself (Score 1) 311

The whole point of my post was that the person I was responding to was an idiot for his complaint, because the only alternative to what he's complaining about would be completely absurd.

I'am an idiot? lol.

In my post, although very SARCASTIC. You can clearly see that the ONLY way Reddit links can be checked is if everyone (the permission holders) checks EVERY link on Reddit.

So, by your calculations, i'am not only an "idiot" but "absurd" for stating the facts.

Get off your fucking high chair.

Comment Only useful if your find yourself (Score 0) 311

If you believe that someone has submitted, without your permission, to reddit a link to a photograph, video, or digital image of you in a state of nudity or engaged in any act of sexual conduct, please contact us.

So, the only way to see if someone has "Posted Sexual Content Without Your Permission", is to make me (the permission holder) search through EVERY FUCKING PICTURE on Reddit.

bSarcasm = !bSarcasm;

Comment Re:The upshot is (Score 1) 69

There are two important considerations when using /robots.txt:

robots can ignore your /robots.txt. Especially malware robots that scan the web for security vulnerabilities, and email address harvesters used by spammers will pay no attention.
the /robots.txt file is a publicly available file. Anyone can see what sections of your server you don't want robots to use.
So don't try to use /robots.txt to hide information.

Submission + - New raspberry pi 2 freezes and reboots due to a camera flash. (

An anonymous reader writes: Unfortunately for Raspberry Pi 2 owners who are trying to photograph their devices, however, the Raspberry Pi 2 has been found to be Xenon flash sensitive. Any camera with a Xenon flash aimed at the device is causing the device to freeze for a few seconds before rebooting.

Comment Use Warning Level 4 (W4) (Score 2) 233

You should be running at Warning Level 4 when coding. Its good practice to prevent the issue you have now.
It will give you a crap load of warnings (which are all worth fixing if you have the time), but, it will highlight any unused variables and/or functions.

in Visual Studio 2008-2013:
- Project > Properties
- Configuration Properties > C/C++ > General
- Change "Warning Level(W3)" to W4

Comment Re:Datacaps? (Score 1) 132

How low will they set the datacaps? What good will 1000mbps be if you hit the ceiling immediately? And how many people does have to be online simultaneously before everyone gets throttled to 512kbps?

I have BT infinity option 2 (Fibre to Cabinet):
- Unlimited bandwidth
- No throttling
- 80mbit download / 40mbit up, 24/7

The only "throttling" you get is at peak times due to network congestion, but even then i'am still unable to see any service impact or major delay.

As always with BT, it depends where you live.
If your lucky enough to be on a cabinet with only 20 connections and your exchange is running at less than 50% capacity, and, you live less than 100m away from the cabinet that doesnt rely on vintage 1950's telephone lines, your laughing. I was told by a BT engineer that each FTTC cabinet has 100 available connections.

Comment Re:Offtopic but... (Score 1) 32

It's the gradual infiltration of beta.

And/Or (regarding the massive header font size on main page)
- The invasion of a semi-blind website designer.
- The website designer had to use a 22" monitor today.
- The website designer had Chrome set to 25% zoom in testing and didn't realise.

And/Or (regarding the double paragraphs header under "You may like to read")
- The Website maintainer's Enter key is broken and commits two clicks instead of one

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