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Comment Re:Dammit, Texas! (Score 1) 277

Well, it's hard to get a conviction, but when we do, we're damned sure about it.

On a more serious note, the only problem I have with the death penalty is the possibility of a false conviction. I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing to kill someone who is certain to have committed a crime that warrants it. It gets gray with things like mental illness though.

Comment Re:Canonical swirling down to irrelevance. (Score 1) 354

I've always been a Debian guy. It's just clean, simple, does what it's told, and leaves me alone when it can. I always love it and sing its praises when testing is fresh yet stable. But as time passes and I'm still using stone-age software near testing's transition to stable, I always start looking elsewhere.

Maybe I need to give Arch another try.

Comment Re:Simple: (Score 1) 550

True in some regards, but not all games are giant time-wasters.

For example, I got my (long-term) GF to play through all 3 Mass Effect games recently. While a significant time investment for all 3, that series can be an intense, emotional journey. If you let it happen, you can learn a few things about yourself while playing it. She agreed with this, and is glad she played them.

Likewise, for more co-operative gaming, choose something round-based like a strategy game or a shooter. The GF likes hardcore search-and-destroy on CoD (and murders everyone, she's really good), I hate CoD in general. I prefer Battlefield, she refuses to even try it. I'll show her the light one day =P

Comment Re:lol (Score 3, Informative) 740

Linux Mint impressed me. It's Ubuntu-based, so it still has the training wheels, but it has a sane interface (I prefer Mate to Cinnamon). It's still a little sluggish though.

Personally, I just use Debian. It's grouchy at first and takes a little time to get it how you want it, but after that it stays out of your way.

Comment Re:Just vote them in to office (Score 1) 292

Texan here.

The youth is surprisingly liberal -- I have no idea what changed, but the younger ones turned their brains on this time (Not to say conservativism is brainless, but blind parroting of religious right ideals are). Moreso than past youth. I actually expect Texas to be a liberal majority in a generation or two.

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