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Submission + - Militia Civil War Game: The United States of Earth (

Maxmin writes: A Brooklyn, N.Y., company has launched a near-future web-based game, called The United States of Earth. Militias have staged a "second American revolution" against the federal government, following the banning of gun ownership by President Obama. "Revolution begins. Over 20 million armed American citizens begin seizing local and federal government buildings and officials... President Obama and the Draconian FCC, now filled with his appointed Marxists... were quick to abolish FOX news, talk radio and all other dissent. The Joint Chiefs ... declared that the military would stand aside and guard against any foreign threats during the remaining days of the crisis."

Players form militias, invade counties, kill enemies and take control. Paying players are called "made members," and the site includes fake news releases, such as "Michelle Obama Captured By Militia, America Celebrates," "Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Found Dead In Camp," and "Hillary Clinton Finally Captured." In-game militia enemies include Ameritroops (Obama's police force), The Cong (Former congressional leaders), and Nation of Malsi (Islamic fundamentalist troops).

Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600 Magazine covers the story on his Off The Wall radio show.

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Submission + - Call for New Jersey to Save Project Xanadu

Maxmin writes: The New York Times reports that Ted Nelson's Project Xanadu is in financial straits, and says that Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey is "deeply troubled" about "huge cost overruns" and the expected dissolution of the project. "It's obvious that [Ted] can't get this done, and anybody who says so has been dancing with Dorothy down the yellow brick road for too long," said Senator Codey, who has long been a detractor of the Xanadu project. Nelson said: "I'm very pleased that the governor and his staff are assisting us and working with us on Xanadu. We're gathering all the information necessary for the right evaluations to be made, and we welcome their continued involvement." Will Project Xanadu be saved? Is Xanadu worth saving? Your opinion may matter, so stay tuned...

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