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Comment I hate to say it (Score 1) 157

but this is what we get for abandoning the blue collar working class. I can't tell you the number of techies who laughed and derided the blue collar guys for not retraining when their factory jobs were shipped to Mexico in the wake of NAFTA. A lot of those folks went to the poll for Trump and a lot who didn't stayed home instead of throwing in for Hilary....

The working class has lost solidarity. And without that we're getting picked apart.

Comment This works for me (Score 0, Troll) 405

I'm fully confident America has plenty of talent for Silicon Valley. China's welcome to flood their job market with cheap labor and devalue their Middle Class. I'm looking forward to the Chinese equivalent of Donald Trump pushing a popularist message when outsourcing and insourcing wrecks their economy too.

Comment I'm not letting the possiblity stop a plan (Score 1) 523

but I do need to be able to shut down opposition in order to advance any large scale plan.

I don't think we'll see massive civil unrest again. Go look at how the Occupy Wallstreet movement was shut down if you want to see why. If it gets bigger then they can just bring in drones. I'd like to say our military won't fire on civilians but I know better. Today's Military wouldn't, but what about 20 years from now? What if they're worried about feeding their families?

I'll give you credit for one thing though, "Tax the Robots" is a fantastic phrase.

Comment The incomming administration here in the states (Score 1) 75

makes me nervous. By all accounts we just beat back a fairly major problem in the form of Zika. It was done with quick and decisive action. The incoming Administration seems to fall into that belief system that gov't, especially national gov't, should stay out of things. Leave it to the states. But lots of poor states just don't have the resources or political will. And it's not like epidemics observe state lines. What's gonna happen if we have a bird flu or a Zika or an Ebola while people who believe government is incapable of doing anything useful are in charge?

Comment This is the third one of the comments to be modded (Score 1) 523

+5. And it should be self evident to anyone reading this that the ruling class don't need customers. They'll do what France did: Create a small aristocracy to perpetuate the system, a (very slightly) larger group of technocrats to keep the machines running (especially the military drones) and the remaining 95% of civilization will live in abject and horrifying poverty. They'll do this because money is power, and power feels _good_. And the worst thing is we're giving it all to them on a silver platter.

Comment Ask Apple (Score 2) 523

They have fewer customers than MIcrosoft but are much, much more profitable. You can do just fine thank you selling a $2000 PC instead of a $500 one.

And the ruling calss don't need customers when they can claim everything for themselves. The 99% will fall over themselves backward to get a piece of the scraps. They'll be the new kings, deciding who lives and who dies based on who gets to work for them (and who gets food, shelter, health care, etc). And they'll have an automated military to enforce their will. This isn't a hard thing to grasp. You just have to think like a ruler and not like an employee.

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