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Comment With all respect (Score 1) 25

saying this:

regularly ratchet up their bandwidth and data caps

Makes you sound a bit like a battered housewife. It literally costs them about $9/mo to offer you your service; and I'm guessing you're paying about $50-$70/mo (depending on your region and how much competition you have). At the very least for a 5-7x profit margin you'd think you wouldn't have data caps to worry about. I'm on Cox and I don't.

Comment This is not surprising (Score 0) 25

they're spending money on customer service right now so they can get approval to buy up their competitors. Normally Americans don't think once let alone twice on letting companies merge until there's no alternatives, but Comcast took it too far and pissed off too many people. Even they couldn't buy off enough politicians to pull that one off.

Just wait until they're done with their merger and they'll go right back to making everybody hate them and Europe and Canada can go back to gazing on us Americans and wondering why the hell we let things be so awful. Just as God and Nature intended.

Comment That would sorta defeat the purpose (Score 2) 173

what's on offer here is Microsoft's cloud backup service & Skype, which were free with certain standalone copies of Office. Offsite backups of your Spreadsheets is a big deal for some users, especially small businesses. And if you're non-technical the monthly fees are made up for in less downtime and not paying the local tech to periodically recover lost data.

Comment There's plenty of good reasons (Score 1) 357

you're just not deep enough in the guts of the app to know what they are. UI re-writes are seldom if ever for the hell of it. There's a few good ones:

1. Switching to a modern and more maintainable toolkit. e.g. going from Dojo to Angular or God help us all a table layout + custom CSS to Angular. Like it or not at some point you are going to have to add features to stay relevant unless you're IBM. Oh wait, they're revenue's the the toilet. Or maybe you want a web site that scales from iPhone to phablet to Tablet to 4k desktop? Guess what it's time for a new tool kit.

2. You'd like some new users, but our crusty mid 90s UI is turning them off. Yeah, time for a re-write.

Comment You're forgetting about new users (Score 1) 357

who want a modern UI. You see this all over the web with pages flattening to fit with the iPhone look.

You're also forgetting about new tools. Writing a webpage with Angular is 10x simpler than Dojo. But if you're going to rebuild anyway you might as well modernize the UI.

If I'm writing software I want new users, not just the old ones. Unless those old ones are paying me enough to retire on an island, which they never do. Nobody likes paying for software if it's not a game.

Comment I haven't had an iPhone since the 4 (Score 1) 218

that I didn't replace in 2 years when the hardware got flaky/crashy. The 5 overheats. A lot. I'm an Android guy because for $250 bucks I can buy a nice phone. But my kid's stuck on Apple because of iMessage (which is less a messaging app and more a sort of mini social network). Anyway, ain't nobody recycling the iPhone 5.

Comment This effects local TV stations (Score 2, Insightful) 69

and like it or not millions of people get their news from those and choose how they vote based on that news. You should be utterly, balls to the walls terrified of this. Billionaires are going to sweep in and buy out the last vestiges of independent news. They're then going to subtlety manipulate people.

Here's a prefect example: The stories about North Korea's "Super Mighty" strike. The phrase Super Mighty in English sounds childish. It's meant to diminish the perceived threat from North Korea. The word "strike" is to make sure you know they're still a danger. In other words: You're being told it's just like Iraq. A weak enemy that'll roll over when we move in.

That's the kind of propaganda that'll be everywhere, not just on the major Cable networks. And that will suck, hard. Because dumb poor people will see it and vote you (and your draft age kids) into a war.

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