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Comment Yes, there are plenty of them (Score 1) 292

If you're parents make $49k/yr you won't get the super low interest loans. If their credit is good (like mine) you'll get 10.5%. I just did this for my kid. If their credit is shit (say because they've been living off credit cards and scored an OK job 1 year before the kids hit college) you are all kinds of fucked. There were plenty of folks offering me 15% loans. The worse your credit the higher the loan amount.

We've been gutting education funding for 20 years. This is the result. College really is un-affordable for some. But since it's been affordable for most for 50 years nobody believes you when you tell them that. Humans only seem to learn from direct personal experience. When the economy tanked and outsourcing accelerated I remember seeing all these guys I know go off and try to get some of that gov't cheese they were sure was out there for them to snack on until another gig to come along. You wouldn't believe how bitter they were when they found out it wasn't there.

Comment ITT will pass anybody (Score 1) 292

a real University won't do that. That's just one of the more obvious differences. Recruiters know this. Even in the mid 90s ITT was worse than useless on your resume. It told recruiters you were gullible and possibly lazy. Nevermind the fact that rampant H1-B abuse, automation and the shit economy caused by income inequality has let employers be so choosy about employees that you either get a degree from a major university or a McJob.

Yes, real University's will lie about the real cost of college. My kid just hit college and I can personally confirm that. They'll also lie about how much financial aid you can get and hit you up for more $$$ 2 months in. They suck. But they suck because we let the right wing in this country defund them in a vain crusade against gov't waste that started in the 90s.

Restore the federal funding that was pulled to line the pockets of the 1% and problem solved. Public Universities go back to being an extraordinary value for everyone (including society at large) and b.s. diploma mills like ITT wither and die in the market (and not just because Obama calls them on their scams).

Comment Are you an idiot? (Score 1) 292

Sorry, I don't normally ask that question, but seriously, are you? Do you seriously believe that somebody going to ITT tech has access to the same level of resources and instructors as someone going to MIT? Do you value education and educators that little? Do you not even know what the words "Teaching" and "Teachers" mean?

Christ, what is it with people who can't accept that they can get useful help from other people...

Comment I'd feel a lot better about that (Score 1) 218

if we weren't about to elect Donald Trump & Mike Pence to the highest office in the land. Trump's already said his first order of business is to roll back the tighter rules Obama put through for the FDA and food safety. There was 8 years of constant outbreaks that more or less stopped when those rules went in. But they're bad for business so out they go.

Americans don't like experts. We don't like people telling us what to do and how to do it. I'm sorry, but that's just a fact. A study just showed that white Americans a. Blamed the weak job market on the gov't and b. Felt the gov't needed to do more to help them. These folks aren't thinking, they're feeling. So you'll forgive me if I don't want something like a nuke plant with a 50 year life cycle in my neck of the woods when I've got to worry about a few changes in political winds undoing all those regulations...

Comment If it's going to fail (Score 1) 218

and the public is going to bail it out then either a) let it fail and then step in to blunt any damage (e.g. let the too big to fail banks go and then prop up the economy with subsidies) or b) if it's too big/risky necessary for human civilization don't privatize it in the first place.

What I'm sick and fucking tired of is paying $$$ in taxes every year and getting bugger all for it. I'm a socialist, not a kleptocrate. Don't just hand billions (trillions?) of infrastructure to somebody's brother in law under the thin guise of "Private industry is always more efficient". Public infrastructure should be just that: public.

Comment Which Democrat? (Score 4, Insightful) 218

Not that I'm disagreeing with him/her. I don't like Nuclear because America doesn't have the balls to properly regulate and punish businessmen who flaunt safety. The risks are too great. It's not NIMBY. Make it public run or show me you're willing to throw people responsible for lesser disasters like oil spills in jail for 10-20 years and we'll talk. Until then it'll be like always: privatize the profits, socialize the losses.

Comment To be fair (Score 1) 178

most of the US hates it when the US does it too. Our political system is, like most, set up to protect the rights of our ruling class. The working class, by and large, has little or no say in such matters. Poll Americans and outside of Jews who want us to keep protecting Israel there's very few who want us dabbling in the rest of the world's politics. Isolationism plays well and in a country as wealthy as ours would probably work. We'd have to give up cheap iPhones and beef up our Nukes (We'd need something like the hammer if Israel where we'd nuke the world into perpetual winter if China or India invaded. No, Russia's never going to have the resources to invade. Christ, we've got twice as many people...).

Anyway, point is we'd love to put a stop to this B.S.. If you wanna tell me how I can get my ruling class to do what I tell them (and maybe get my working class to stop caring about guns, gays & abortion long enough to notice economic issues) I'll get right on that...

Comment Why? (Score 1) 180

Factory workers got protection because there were a lot of them and they formed Unions. Security breaches only hurt a few people and they're completely unorganized. Hell, when the mega corps got tired of safety they just moved the factories. If we let then weasel out of that we'll let then weasel out of this. Besides, Americans pride themselves on luck. The lucky ones will be fine.

Comment We're gonna lose this one (Score 1) 524

because the mega-corps who run the show want us to. They're afraid Europe, China & India will make their own Internet with blackjack and hookers and they'll have to spend money supporting their apps on 2 different internets. The internet isn't for porn, it's for offloading the cost of your corps communication infrastructure onto the taxpayer.

Comment Again, we're arguing about degrees (Score 1) 421

and not the foundation of the legal theory. Put another way, if I say out loud how nice it would be if somebody would shoot an enemy of mine when I know damn well someone in the audience is going to do it that's not "Free Speech". Should it be? I'm pretty sure the answer is 'No'. You don't get to incite people to commit crimes. But it's still speech. You're either going to draw the line or your not. But at some point I can probably find something abhorrent enough to you personally to get you to draw that line.

Comment um... isn't this covered (Score 1) 421

under the same banner as shouting fire in a theater? It's long since been agreed upon that the gov't can put reasonable restrictions on free speech. At this point we're just arguing over the definition of 'reasonable'. Preventing the existence of completely untraceable guns and the tech to make them seems 'reasonable' to me.

You can argue that point, you can even argue that I should be able to shout fire in that theater. But it's not fair to call the judge "activist" or declare the issue settled. In fact, at the moment it's pretty well settled against your line of reasoning.

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