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Comment Re:Lasers.. (Score 1) 31

I agree. Human society is inherently violent, as we are descendants of apes. I think a robot should have at least kind of hands with boxing gloves on. A laser would be a lethal weapon, and it is another story. But boxing gloves would suggest reediness to engage in a physical fight to protect itself.

Submission + - Standardizing electrical outlet plugs & sockets globally (

Max_W writes: There are currently 15 major types of electrical outlet plugs in use today. A lot is being said nowadays about global warming, still the producers of electrical appliances have to include several plugs in a box. Besides, people who are to travel internationally must buy numerous adapters. I have got at least a dozen of them.

Would it be possible to standardize the electrical plugs & sockets globally? Which one is better, which one could be taken as a standard, — the EU, US, Swiss, Italian, or UK one? Or maybe the South African, Israel, or Denmark one?

Or perhaps a new universal plug & socket type could be developed? Does anyone work on that? Some international work-group? Or will we continue to produce billions of senseless adapters and include multiple plugs into boxes with new appliances (and at the same time to hear from high tribunes about global warming threat)?

Comment Re:Learning the hard way (Score 1) 281

Not warranted? Starting from 1789 it is about all what governments do. The Crimean and Franco-Prussian wars were the direct consequences of the Great French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, the First World War was a result of French humiliation in Franco-Prussian war, and so on and so forth.

At the same time not knowing a culture, language, mentality, people of a country makes an effort of a regime change from outside often unpredictable and counterproductive.

Comment Re: Open letter to the so-called texan: STF up (Score 1) 230

I agree. I would like just to add that a door has several functions, and one of them is being a border line, not only physical one but also moral, legal, psychological, etc.

For example, if there is a picket fence around a property it does not mean that this fence must be impenetrable, i.e. to have barbed wire, movement sensors, etc. But still it is a good picket fence which have got many useful functions.

And people should not think, - oh, this picket fence is not secure, so I can cross it and do whatever I want on this property.

Comment Aircraft, car, train do transport mostly (Score 1) 223

themselves. And in this system the chassis is the tube, and it is not moving.

As for emergencies, let us first have an emergency at the test site and see what could be done.

I think this experimental site would be in human history something like Johannes Gutenberg's printing shop of 1450, or Tim Berners-Lee discovery of hyperlink in 1989.

When a man flew first time in space in 1961, the next day there was only a tiny article in a central newspaper. As saying goes - destiny knocks on the door quietly.

Comment Parachute, please (Score 0) 85

Why Airbus does not include a parachute in its concepts and aircraft? Even Russian military pilots have got an ejection system for more than half a century. Here is a video "MiG-29 Pilot Ejects Two Seconds Before Crash"

But we, who pay for the tickets a lot of money still do not have anything. No safety system in the air at all.

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