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Comment Layers upon layers of regulations (Score 1) 37

In my opinion it is close to impossible to develop a good drone in San Francisco (or in the USA for that matter). There are so man useless regulations. It is practically impossible to fly.

The market leader, DJI, produces its vehicles in China.

Nearly 70,000 birds killed only in New York in attempt to clear safer path for planes , and birds fly all the time, not only couple of times on weekend. Birds also have no understanding comparable to a human pilot.

Comment The Grapes of Wrath (Score 1) 732

I think that the wrath of the US political elite could be explained by the fact that the small potatoes dared to trespass its territory.

They invested billions and years of organized hard work in software & hardware back doors, surveillance infrastructure, data centers, and suddenly some punks have stolen some simple email passwords. The whole world was reading with the genuine interest these email messages.

Certainly in their opinion it may seem so unfair. It is their pitch, they are the kings, but not these parvenus.

Comment Re:Maybe it could help in Ukraine (Score 1) 122

RQ-11 Raven is a fixed-wing aircraft, not a multirotor. It takes years of hard training to prepare a good pilot for a fixed-wing aircraft.

For example, more US aircraft were lost in WWII due to crash landing, especially on carriers, than to an enemy fire.

If one buys any fixed-wing RPAS and starts flying it without a prior experience, he/she will crash it before long. That is what happening most probably.

Comment Re:Once more socialism has failed (Score 1) 85

Triumphalism is not the right approach as capitalism too may still fail. Marx and some other philosophers predicted that it is likely to end in an imperialism and a war.

Some researches say that the WW1 and WW2 were the same war, and that it is not over yet. It may reignite again.

In my opinion such projects as Linux and Wikipedia is a good step forward in this respect.

Comment Who needs Aircraft Entertainement System in (Score 1) 56

the 21st century in the first place? I have my notebook and my smartphone with me.

Instead a dorky display and a headset provide better a normal WiFi. Besides a WiFi router weighs only about 300 grams, instead of a ton of hundreds of displays, and a WiFi router costs only a couple of hundred instead of millions for this System, which later ends up in the price of our air-tickets.

Add to this the cost of additional fuel to carry these displays. Why would I want to pay for the fuel to carry these displays when I have already three HD screens with me anyway?

Comment A wave of steel, toxic fumes & rubber dust (Score 1, Insightful) 250

passes every day near my place. These are people driving in private cars to the offices to switch on a computer and connect to a network.

They could do it perfectly well from private offices at home without spending two ours of driving and without destroying the environment. But the problem is that the current cast of business leaders does not understand technology well.

Even at the highest levels we see a complete technological ignorance. For example, John Podesta could just turn on two factor authentication on his Gmail account, and we would not have to hear all this stink about his leaked emails. It is free, and it takes five minutes to turn it on.

In my opinion it should be a law that office employees must work at least two days per week from home. And let companies to think how to organize it well. It would be also a task for architects, for furniture constructors, software developers how to incorporate effective private offices into our dwellings.

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