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Submission + - Is LED, light-emitting diode, making DST, daylight saving time, obsolete?

Max_W writes: More and more countries stop using the DST, daylight saving time. These are India, China, Russia, Brazil, etc. The LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption on lighting. Do we really need this trouble of changing time on our clocks twice a year? Besides, the DST makes the software excessively complicated and prone to "fluid time" bugs.

Comment My car window was smashed yesterday at (Score 1) 111

a parking lot near seaside, so I am not in a forgiving mode. I approve minister's proposal. Face recognize all the outlaws, round them up, and judge according to the laws.

If necessary make an agreement with Russian Federation to un-mothball detention camps beyond the Arctic Circle and send the unrepentant recidivists up there.

Comment Re:Poor migratory birds... (Score 1) 220

Bird collisions kill millions of migratory birds. Especially power-lines:
but wind turbines quickly catching up:

It is true, cats are killing a lot too. A stray pet cat is a formidable predator, - that is why in some countries stray cats are illegal. Birds are different from humans, and some loss of younglings is inevitable. However power-lines, and now more and more wind turbines, decimate the strongest ones, who survived, grew up, and are capable to fly thousand of kilometers.

Even without these additional hazards only 30 - 70 % of them make it depending of a year. And we doom them as species with these invisible for them tall obstacles.

Comment Poor migratory birds... (Score 1, Insightful) 220

as if power-lines were not enough.

Just make a search on "birds killed by wind generators" and see images.

Can we use led lamps and live in modest homes; like not heating or air-conditioning ten thousand of square feet just to look prestigious? Or eat a bit less and drive normal size cars? Perhaps then there would be no need to make this wonderful planet's surface ugly with so many power-lines, wind turbines towers, and chimneys.

Comment Delivering samples and documents in a city (Score 1) 20

I think it is easier and safer to drive in Madagascar than in some cities as there are just too many vehicles on streets. A good part of them deliver paper documents, samples, cash, etc. It could be well delivered by UAVs freeing roads where accidents, deaths, and injuries actually happen.

Unfortunately the civil aviation agencies tend to over-regulate this emerging multi-billion industry. They think in terms of heavy manned aircraft, but UAVs just do not cause such devastation as say Flight #1862 in Amsterdam:

Comment In any case he is in grave danger (Score 1) 93

An average policeman's or security officer's salary in Russia is not that impressive. So an offer of a large sum of money plus a citizenship of a rich country could theoretically buy an information leading to his capture or worse.

Obviously Edward is not in safety at all. I would not be surprised if it ends up similar to Osama's case. It is just a matter of money and consequently resources to be invested. Money talks...

Comment Universal anti collision system (Score 1) 170

Feds should organize development of an universal anti collision system, - for drones, planes, trains, ships, etc. This is the Feds' size job. As soon as a manned aircraft is approaching an area an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) operator gets a warning message on a screen.

If a plane and RPAS are close then an autopilots should negotiate automatically and change altitudes respectively. Certainly a manned aircraft has got a priority. There is enough space in 3D world, it is not like at the 2D road intersection. Ans it is doable, as only five figures are to be exchanged periodically: altitude, latitude, longitude, heading, speed, - no broadband is needed to transmit them.

If there is a massive fire people will fly drones anyway to see if they should evacuate their homes or stay. It is possible to build a DYI drone from improvised materials.

Submission + - SPAM: At least 10 dead in Italy train head-on collision

Max_W writes: How could such head-on collisions still happen? Why not make it obligatory for train drivers to install on a smartphone an app with an GPS access which rings an alarm if another train goes on the same track in the opposite direction closer than one kilometer? At least train drivers can reduce speed and inform passengers to brace themselves for a collision.
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Comment Re:Wrong focus (Score 1) 298

... I'm suggesting that if you are going to use that much money to reduce fatalities, then it would be much better spent on roads and cars. Where many more people die each year (est. 1.25 million in 2010).

It is not a fair comparison. Cars are driven mostly by run-of-the-mill operators. There are drunkards, drug adicts, sick persons, sleep deprived individuals, etc. among drivers of cars and among amateur mechanics.

Passenger aircraft are piloted by licensed pilots and serviced by qualified mechanics.

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