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Comment Modelling quadcopter collision at testing facility (Score 1) 42

If there were no documented collisions of a quadcopter and an airplane, why not to try to create it. For example, a flying DJI Phantom with the weight 1.2 kg and an airplane wing moving on rails. And see what happens. The FAA colleagues could do it first, and then print 700 pages regulations.

Comment In fact theses are puppeteers who are fighting but (Score 2) 96

not the bots. Do not forget that Wikipedia is one of the most visited and read websites. And where there are people there are possibilities to make money.

Consequently a class of technological aristocracy appear who try to control what article could be published and which could be deleted. We shall not underestimate human creativity on a market.

All one needs is a capability to create and maintain a positive article about say a medicament which development cost a billion. But it is impossible if you cannot dominate other people' articles. It is not so visible in English Wikipedia, but mostly in some other popular languages.

Comment Jar of spiders (Score 1) 895

In my opinion the modern politics turned into a jar of spiders. Everybody eavesdrop, dislike, and attack each other. It is amplified significantly for someone like me who knows foreign languages and can watch it all from several sides.

I begin to wonder if Mikhail Bakunin's ideas were really that much farfetched, if the state as an institution is necessary at all. Or is it just turned into a source of mutual misunderstanding and hostility.

Comment Human nature (Score 1) 277

I think it is about the same all over the world. The same as violence against women, it's about 30% everywhere, 1 of 3 women, by the WHO statistics:

Recall what was in John Podesta email messages, which became known just by a mere accident, because he did not use two steps authentication on his Gmail. It is about the same everywhere, as it is a property of Homo Sapiens.

Comment Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Score 0) 564

In this Youtube video "Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years" it is shown how a woman lives in Siberian wilderness alone:


In my opinion, a similar place could be an option for Chelsea Manning. S/he could live safely there. There are still such places in Siberia.

Comment Layers upon layers of regulations (Score 1) 39

In my opinion it is close to impossible to develop a good drone in San Francisco (or in the USA for that matter). There are so man useless regulations. It is practically impossible to fly.

The market leader, DJI, produces its vehicles in China.

Nearly 70,000 birds killed only in New York in attempt to clear safer path for planes https://www.theguardian.com/wo... , and birds fly all the time, not only couple of times on weekend. Birds also have no understanding comparable to a human pilot.

Comment The Grapes of Wrath (Score 1) 734

I think that the wrath of the US political elite could be explained by the fact that the small potatoes dared to trespass its territory.

They invested billions and years of organized hard work in software & hardware back doors, surveillance infrastructure, data centers, and suddenly some punks have stolen some simple email passwords. The whole world was reading with the genuine interest these email messages.

Certainly in their opinion it may seem so unfair. It is their pitch, they are the kings, but not these parvenus.

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