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Comment Windsor House (Score 1) 1425

Obama and Clintons are not going anywhere.

This team could chase a sport superpower from the Olympic Games just having a right person in the WADA. Recounting and cancelling Trump's victory is a child play for them.

Clintons are the most powerful and able people on the planet Earth. In my opinion this is a new dynasty similar to the Windsor House

Comment Crop spraying by UAVs (drones) (Score 1) 278

It exists already. It costs much less than if done by a manned aircraft, it's more precise, done at a lesser altitude. And it produces less toxic exhaust, less noise which harms birds, bees, and other wild life.

An UAV can fly fully automated above fields. And if fluids are manufactured in containers, even refilling can be easily automated, reducing an operator's exposure to zero. Let alone that UAV can supply remote farms with necessities.

I hope that the new administration will remove as it had promised "the layers upon layers upon layers of regulations", and this new technology will be explored and used in the filed.

Comment Re:You do know (Score 1) 286

she won the popular vote by ~2 million, right? You also know what voter suppression is and that only 50% turned out, right? Check what your house is made of (glass) before throwing stones please.

I am not throwing any stones. I am sorry if you have to worry about your house after this election. I have nothing to do with it, I did not vote in this election nor any other US election, as I am not even in the US.

I just wrote in a discussion that I have an impression that the world has changed. You are absolutely right, - two million votes, 50%, doping, hackers, what's not, - this is my point exactly. This is how it works.

The current constitution of the United States does not rely on popular vote, as it wants to consider the opinion of all the states. Look at this map and an explanation:

Comment Governing for good (Score 1) 286

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have got an impression that president Obama and Clinotns are not going anywhere. They will govern still for a long time.

It seems to be the global trend, the queen of England and Norther Ireland, V. Putin in RF, Angela Merkel in Germany, A. Lukashenko in Byelorussia, etc.

I think the time of presidents who left power voluntarily, like Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, etc. is over. Even though Donald Trump selects a team, he could be for a big surprise next year. He may well happen preside over a government in exile.

Comment It does not work, people... (Score 1) 69

The election showed that blaming "super-advanced" Russia (which by the way in reality does not produce a single PC or a smartphone) for hacking about everyone and everything does not work. People do not believe it. Move on, think of something else.

Besides, I do not get how Trump could be beneficial for Russia. Trump is smart, while the USA and RF remain natural competitors.

Comment 2-Step Verification (Score 1) 667

Mr. Podesta could use the the Google 2-Step Verification on his private Gmail. It is amazing, that a man who decides the destiny of the world does not use 2-Step verification. Was he qualified for this role in the first place?

The head of the US National Security Agency could explain to Mr. Podesta and his colleagues how to use it and why in proper time instead of blaming now everyone except himself.

Comment Occam's razor (Score 1) 667

Did not they think about that it could be just policy failure? In accordance with Occam's Razor principle this is just it:

As for a "nation state", it is a common practice that a state may provide some support to opposition groups. The USA does it for decades in Russia practically openly; and in other lands too. So it may be that they are learning and kind of trying to give a taste of own medicine.

Comment Re:USB-A must go to the history's garbage bin (Score 1) 299

USB-C does not have up and down orientation. One can plug it from the first attempt.

Sure, I can try pug in USB one way, then turn it 180 degrees, etc. It takes just several seconds of fumbling. But multiply it by thousands and thousands times in a company, or billions times globally, and it would be years, millenniums of wasted working time.

Comment Re:My fellow Europeans (Score 1) 2837

I do not approve it. I would prefer that Crimea remained in Ukraine. However, it happened partly because they feared the new military base there.

Russia itself gave Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 as a present. And I am sure it will do a similar gesture as soon as the situation returns to normal with the election of a normal clever man as the president of the USA.

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