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Comment Universal anti collision system (Score 1) 167

Feds should organize development of an universal anti collision system, - for drones, planes, trains, ships, etc. This is the Feds' size job. As soon as a manned aircraft is approaching an area an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) operator gets a warning message on a screen.

If a plane and RPAS are close then an autopilots should negotiate automatically and change altitudes respectively. Certainly a manned aircraft has got a priority. There is enough space in 3D world, it is not like at the 2D road intersection. Ans it is doable, as only five figures are to be exchanged periodically: altitude, latitude, longitude, heading, speed, - no broadband is needed to transmit them.

If there is a massive fire people will fly drones anyway to see if they should evacuate their homes or stay. It is possible to build a DYI drone from improvised materials.

Submission + - SPAM: At least 10 dead in Italy train head-on collision

Max_W writes: How could such head-on collisions still happen? Why not make it obligatory for train drivers to install on a smartphone an app with an GPS access which rings an alarm if another train goes on the same track in the opposite direction closer than one kilometer? At least train drivers can reduce speed and inform passengers to brace themselves for a collision.
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Comment Re:Wrong focus (Score 1) 298

... I'm suggesting that if you are going to use that much money to reduce fatalities, then it would be much better spent on roads and cars. Where many more people die each year (est. 1.25 million in 2010).

It is not a fair comparison. Cars are driven mostly by run-of-the-mill operators. There are drunkards, drug adicts, sick persons, sleep deprived individuals, etc. among drivers of cars and among amateur mechanics.

Passenger aircraft are piloted by licensed pilots and serviced by qualified mechanics.

Comment Re:Colour me skeptical... (Score 1) 298

...Don't the majority of crashes occur on takeoff or landing?...

In such cases as Air France and Eyptair it happened during flight at high altitude. When aircraft stalls it just falls from the sky.

A Passenger Pod could be made even lighter by removing inbuilt displays. Almost anyone has got a display on a smartphone or on a tablet. Passengers could download free inflight movies via WiFi on board. Instead of hundreds of heavy displays it would be just one light WiFi router on board.

Parachutes' fabric could be used as a thermal insulation of the Pod, i.e. a passenger cabin. Without a parachute the free fall speed of such an object is about 150 - 180 km/h due to the air resistance. So medium size parachutes could handle it. There are people who survived a free fall in a passenger seat without serious injuries: . So we need just to slow down this fall.

A stall of an aircraft, which happens regularly for difference reasons, shall not be the reason of unavoidable deaths. Air travel is not that safe. Air travel safety statistics could be calculated and presented in a different way. It could be calculated by a distance traveled, by number of vehicles, etc.

In my opinion aircraft design should be also kind of an Open Source Project, so that different ideas and insights could be tested and used.

Submission + - Pod planes could change travel forever (

Max_W writes: Every year we hear about people dying in plane crashes. This does not have to continue as there is a new revolutionary pod plane design. A passenger pod is not heavy because it does not contain fuel, engines, avionics, etc., so in case of an accident it can be ejected and land on parachutes. The obstacle to this new invention is that the whole obsolete airport and airline infrastructure must be rebuild. So what? Shall we continue to get killed because it is easier to produce aircraft with a design from 1950s?

Comment EU is not about who is in (Score 2) 1592

but more about who is out,- who is not in, or not in yet, or almost in, or practically in except currency, etc.

There is the UN United Nations Organization. It is a comprehensive universal framework. However it seems that for some countries it is beneath dignity to work in an universal organization together with all others, and that is why this drive create small elitist unions, to show off that they better than others. But it will not work in a globalized world.

Comment Backdoors in messengers. (Score 2) 207

What I heard from E.Snowden makes me believe that all messengers have got a backdoor as a part of some project with a name something like Flying Eagle.

If it was possible to monitor communications of Bundeskanzler and Président, then run-of-the-mill messengers and smartphones should not be a challenge.

The question is not about backdoors, but who would hold keys.

Comment Appearance-Based Stereotypes (Score 1) 301

I heard that practically all women in the USA make "nose reshaping" surgery, and that a successful man must have the thick hair even after 60 or 70, what means one or another artificial approach.

We hear critique of the outdated ethnic customs of a burqa & circumcision, but isn't it in the same league?

Comment giving a taste of their own medicine (Score 1) 92

It is true that governments (and international criminal structures) use surveillance. This is the reality. And there's no way around it.

However, good people are to learn using these tools too. We see already some examples how digital technologies allowed to demonstrate what had been hush-hush doubtful schemes for decades.

Forget about ending it, but learn to use it smartly (and legally) too.

Comment Severe problem with Ethernet card after upgrading (Score 1) 982

I tried everything. Reinstalled driver, searched via Google, and so on and so forth. Nothing helps. Ethernet card keeps disconnecting about four - five times per day. I did not have this problem with Windows 8.

Settings windows on W10 are kind of touch-screen, but it is a notebook where I cannot touch screen at all. Besides W10 is slow. I stopped indexing but it is still slow.

The only good thing is the return of Start button, but again for some reason Search&Run is not in the Start, but nearby, and it does not memorize previous entries.

In my opinion, Bill Gates has to return back to Microsoft and put Windows back on the right track.

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