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Comment Re:And yet crickets on / (Score 1) 76

Tesla made the first good electric luxury car. GM looks poised to beat Tesla to market with the first good electric consumer car, but Tesla has brought quality electric vehicles into the public consciousness and into public acceptance in a way that GM would have struggled to do so. The EV1, despite its cult popularity was not a very good car, and was never widely popular because of its limited range.

Comment Re:And yet crickets on / (Score 1) 76

Why would people get excited about GM? The last time GM tried selling an electric car (EV1), people loved it. But they only leased the car, and when the leases were up GM took them back and crushed them, didn't give people an option to buy. So I think people will believe what GM is saying when they see it, not before.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 160

You're free to do what you want in your home, to the extent that it does not violate certain laws including zoning laws. You probably wouldn't want somebody running a restaurant out of the house or apartment next door to you because of the large impact that such a business could have on neighbors. Similarly, AirBnB rentals are frequently run as de facto hotels and can have a very large impact on neighbors, and the neighbors don't have anybody with a stake in the matter to complain to if the property owner or leaseholder is not residing on the premises at the time. This law, and similar laws are being enacted all over the country, are aimed at ensuring residential properties are residential.

Your specific complaints seems to be linked to you're misunderstanding of the law. It is stated in the summary above to exempt situations where the owner or lease-holder is residing on the premises during the short-term rental. A friend staying over is not a rental and thus not a problem.

Comment Re:waah waah i oversold my product (Score 1) 270

I see lots of people saying this... but the capabilities, and more importantly the limitations, are pretty clearly spelled out when you purchase the option, nobody thought they were buying an autonomous driving package.

Further, I don't see how it was a beta test. It was a highly capable and valuable assisted driving system at release and since its release it has only gotten better as over 100 million miles of driving data as accumulate, helping to fine-tune algorithms and identify corner cases.

Currently, there is no statistical case to be made that it is unsafe.

Comment Re:So what was the prior feature? (Score 2) 160

Your statement is not backed up by data. Fatal Tesla crashes make the news far more readily than any other vehicle which leads you to falsely conclude that they are less safe than other vehicles, a fact not born out by data. Nearly 100 people die every day driving on US roads.

Further, multiple drivers have falsely claimed that they had Autopilot engaged during a crash. But due to our rapid news cycle people are far more likely to read the first article that says Autopilot caused a crash and skip over the followup article where it explains that the driver was driving unsafely and lying about Autpilot being engaged.

You cannot rely on your impressions to make an informed judgement about this topic, only data matters. The NHTSA is looking into the matter (as they should) and will let you know if there really is a safety problem.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

As demand for EV's increases (which is virtually inevitable) landlords and apartment building owners will install outlets points in parking lots and parking garages, either as a perk or in exchange for higher rent. And if landlords don't want the trouble they will outsource to the company's that are already installing paid charging systems the same way many landlords outsource laundry rooms to a laundry company.

Infrastructure will rise to meet the demand for said infrastructure. There will be a transition period, and the transition will probably be lead by house owners or long-term house renters, then next it will percolate into large apartment buildings with parking garages in dense areas (LA, SF, NY) and also into premium apartment/condo complexes in less dense areas.

Comment Re:Shit post. (Score 1) 128

Ok well you wait for 20 minutes for a car every morning or operate on some pre-set schedule. I'd like to keep my own schedule.

That's perfectly fine. But it will probably be more expensive than on-demand or pre-scheduled transportation services once self-driving cars are a reality.

Yes I would expect insurance for autonomous cars would drop to around $50 a year since the human is no longer responsible or able to control for anything that happens in a truly autonomous car. Insurance will protect the value of the property and nothing that may happen with it. Passenger not liable.

It's not yet clear how liability will be distributed. Clearly liability will be held by somebody. In my opinion the most likely scenario is that the operator of the vehicle will take liability for its operation and will purchase insurance commensurate with that liability. The operator is whoever is commanding the vehicle. If you own your own self-driving car and tell it to drive you from point A to point B, you are the operator. If you hire a self-driving Uber, you tell Uber to take you to point B and Uber tells the car to drive you to point B, Uber becomes the operator.

Self-driving car insurance will be cheaper if the safety is higher with self-driving features, which seems likely. The insurer would hold the manufacturer of the vehicle liable in cases of gross negligence, but not in the situation of ordinary crashes which are a statistical certainty and included in the insurer's calculations. Insurers don't require perfect safety, in fact perfect safety would put insurers out of business. They just calculate a risk, and bill enough to cover their risk plus overhead and profit margin.

If the laws change so that vehicle operators do not need to accept liability for a self-driving vehicle they are operating then the manufacturer would be liable and the insurance cost would be reflected in the purchase price of the car.

Comment Re:Lots of bad assumptions here. (Score 2) 1145

Affordable housing does NOT require subsidies. It just requires sidelining the NIMBYs and BANANAs that are obstructing construction. If we expand the supply by building new housing, the price will go down.

Huh? Affordable housing usually does involve subsidies, although they may be indirect. I don't know all of the methods used of creating affordable housing, but in my area the city council can require new developments to set aside a certain percentage of units for affordable housing which will be sold or rented at below market rate to qualified low-income persons. This means that either the developer is eating the cost in terms of lost profit, or they are charging everybody else a little bit more to make up for the loss, which means that it is subsidized either by the developers or the non-low-income purchasers/renters.

Comment Re:Too cautious (Score 1) 330

3) it is already evident that the rate of fatalities using this mode is already a 35% improvement over non-autopilot users. (1 fatality in 130 million miles driven vs. 1 in 96 million)

With just a single fatality the fatality rate per mile driven is not known terribly precisely yet. Further, this rate is not corrected for sources of error including that Autopilot is only used on highways, what driving conditions Autopilot is typically used in, whether Autopilot users were alert and paying attention, that the Tesla Model S itself is a very safe car, or that the drivers who own Tesla vehicles may not be representative of the average US driver.

I think more data and analysis is required to make a confident comparison in safety of driving with Autopilot on vs. off.

Comment Re:On the contrary (Score 1) 392

100% is impossible, so if we follow your logic we will never have access to advanced cruise control with speed adjustment and auto-braking, lane warning/assist, things which many cars now have, and we will never have self-driving cars.

It doesn't need to be 100%, it just needs to be better than the average human.

Comment Re:Ideal vs. All Driving Conditions (Score 1) 265

In American English all roads are highways

I've been speaking American English all of my life and in my experience "highway" pretty much exclusively refers to "divided highway". There may be regional variations in usage, as well as distinctions in technical communications.

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