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Comment Re:cost too mcuh (Score 1) 90

Yeah, but at least you get an SD card slot (I think they skipped that with the S6). And a headphone jack. I'm sure Samsung is planning a UFS slot in their next phone, which will completely blow the iPhone out of the water. Apple really needs to start giving people what they want if they want to grow their market and start capturing die-hard Android users.

Comment Re:Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6 (Score 1) 90

Updates are the exact reason I left Android and I'm not going back until the problem is fixed. My last phone was Android 2.3 when I bought it, and it was only released 6 months before Android 4 came out. I never saw a single update to that phone. And it was an LG with the Google logo engraved on the back, so you think that Google, or LG, or somebody would stand behind the phone and offer updated software. But nope. Not a single update.

Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 1) 174

If you're going to argue that it's for the public good, then we should really do it as a tax and have the infrastructure provided by the government rather than for profit corporations.

But really, how far do we extend out? Even roads are private roads once you get far enough out. There's just some spots that are too expensive even for tax dollars to service them because the population density is just way too low. I also really don't care that I don't have internet access at the cottage or in other rural areas that I visit. It's just not really a priority. I don't need internet access in the middle of the highway 300 miles for any settlement.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 157

Very much agree with you on all accounts. To add more, it seems like the Android/iOS market has made it impossible to just sell a game outright without having any micropayments. Pokemon Go is a great game, but I'd rather they just charged $30 for it and developed a quality game didn't crash so much than try to do the minimum thing to get by and try to make money off micro transactions. But the market for phones games has basically painted itself into a corner where nobody can charge more than a few dollars for a game.

Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 1) 174

Sounds like a problem with the cable/DSL companies and there's nothing Netflix can do to help you. Seems like Netflix still wins over cable, because cable won't service you at all. Although for TV, you'd be better off getting satellite. Which would still have similar costs to cable as far as buying/renting set top boxes goes.

I guess that's kind of what happens when you live in a rural area. It is expensive to service things like cable, internet, and even things like electricity in rural areas. So you often end up paying more. It's completely understandable. As as city dweller, I don't want my bill going to subsidize those people in the rural areas.

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 600

An autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of a vehicle without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being required. Autopilots do not replace a human operator, but assist them in controlling the vehicle, allowing them to focus on broader aspects of operation, such as monitoring the trajectory, weather and systems.

Except Tesla's system is designed such that it assumes your hands are on the wheel at all times, and you really can't take your eyes off the road for doing things like checking the weather. In a plane you most likely have plenty of time to do something if the auto pilot fails. Probably upwards of 1 minute unless you are landing or taking off. In a car, you're lucky if you have 3 seconds to notice a problem before correcting it because the other vehicles and obstacles are so close.

Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 1) 174

Netflix has pretty cheap hook up costs. Most people already own some kind of device that streams Netflix. If you don't already have something, you can easily get a Roku for $60. Compare that with cable. I've only just got an HD cable box because the cable company charges so much for them. $20 a month, or $500 to buy it outright for the model with the PVR built in. Even without the PVR it's $13 a month, or $300 to buy. I was able to buy an HD PVR box for $150 because they were clearing out the older models, but deals like that don't come around often.

Comment Re:ridiculous (Score 1) 79

Apple covers a lot of things with that 30% such as credit card processing fees. Payment providers usually charge a minimum amount on each transactions which makes $1.00 transactions very expensive. This isn't to say that Apple isn't making a ton of money off this, but that most developers see it as a pretty good deal. Otherwise you'd see tons of third party app stores popping up on Android where Google also takes their 30%.

Comment Re:Worked out for me... (Score 1) 212

Yes, because if you just buy a hard drive and put in in a drawer somewhere it will magically start working as a cloud storage service. I'm not saying if it's a fair price or not, but comparing a cloud storage service to the equivalent price of the storage they give you isn't really all that fair.

To start with, they would probably store it on at least 2 different devices to ensure that if the drive dies, that all your data isn't lost. So you're already up cheaper than the cost of the actual storage. Then they have to buy a backup power system including batteries and generators, because you don't want the service to go down when the power goes out. You have to buy actual servers to put the drives in. You have to pay for network and electricity services. You also have to pay people to develop and maintain the systems to support all this. After listing this all out, the fact that I could get 50 GB for $1.99 a month or 1 TB for $7 a month, or 5 TB split 5 ways for $10 per month on the family plan is actually pretty impressive.

Comment Re:Get off my blurry lawn! (Score 1) 237

Plus, a lot of movies on Netflix don't even have 1080p to begin with. Just tried testing this with "The Martian" and didn't understand why both Edge and Firefox were showing 720p. The only thing I could find quickly that had 1080p was "House of Cards" which is a Netflix production. It seems that there's a lot of content that they don't license in full resolution. The BBC Planet Earth series seems to only come in at 512x384. I'm in Canada, so YMMV.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 5, Insightful) 331

I get where you're coming from. Being a programmer in "X" is more about knowing the tools and available libraries than it is about knowing the language itself. Somebody who works with C# could probably be very productive un VB.Net within a day or two, even though the languages appear quite different. On the other hand, C# and Java look quite similar in their syntax, but generally don't have much in common in terms of actually working with them. It might take a month or more to get reasonably productive it you switched from C# to Java.

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 4, Insightful) 474

Let's assume you could cut 20 million out of executive salaries. Divide that by the 22,000 employees, and you end up with about $900 a piece. Realistically, you wouldn't be able to take that much from the executives. When the employees outnumber the executive by 10,000 to 1, it really doesn't matter how much you cut off executive pay, because the cost of the labour will vastly outweigh the cost of executive salaries.

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