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Comment Re:Sticking to the caps? (Score 1) 181

workers will need to work for 30 hours a week, instead of the usual 40 to 70 hours,

It's right there in the first sentence. They acknowledge that people work more than 40 hours a week, and this program aims to experiment what happens if they only make people work 30 hours a week. Of course, if you usually work 60 hours a week, you're probably used to doing 10+ hour days, and you could easily complete the 30 hours of working in 3 days. 3 Days on and 4 days off would be a pretty nice schedule. I would probably go for this type of thing given the chance.

Comment Re:Can't Subscribe (Score 2) 204

This is what my biggest problem is. The only options $300 installation and free 5 Mbps service, or $70 a month 1 Gbps service. The first option is too slow, even if there is no monthly bill, and the second option is more than I want to spend for internet. I would love a $40 option even if it was only 50-100 Mbps. 100 Mbps would be enough to have 4 Netflix Ultra HD 4K streams going at the same time, or just have everybody on HD 1080p streams and still have plenty of bandwidth left over. Giving me 1 Gbps internet does not give me any noticeable internet service than giving me 100 Mbps except when I see the bill at the end of the month.

Comment Re:5 years old news ? (Score 1) 158

I'm not sure about the high end DSLRs, but at the low end point and shoots, they seem to be the best from what I've tried. They turn on very quickly, focus quickly, and take the picture when you press the button. That last camera I bought from another company was a Nikon point and shoot, and it was a very bad camera is those respects. I've bought 4 point and shoot Canon cameras (1 for each person in my family) and they have all held up very well. Long lasting even with the kids handling them, and they take great pictures without a lot of fuss. I find it interesting that you are quick to point out how bad Canon is without offering any information about who makes better cameras.

Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 1) 175

The thing is, that if you have money, and you manage it properly, it will just grow. How much wealth is somebody allowed to accumulate? 5 million? 50 million? 500 million? 5 billion? 50 billion. Once you reach that first number, you can make a lot more money simply by making smart investments with your money.

Bill Gates made his money because he owned a lot of stock in a company that started out small and became very big. Unless you seize the stocks that he has, there isn't really much of a way to take that wealth from him. You can tax the sale of those stocks, but that means fewer people will invest because they are unable to realize any gains from investing the money. Do we want to dis-incentivize people from creating the next Microsoft, or the next Amazon, or the next Apple? The fact that you can become ultra rich creates an incentive to build these large companies up from the ground, creating new products, and creating new jobs for the rest of the people.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 164

The problem is that even if I had an unlocked bootloader, I'd still be relying on a third party, CyanogenMod, to provide me with updates. Google needs to fix things so that I can get updates directly from them, without relying on CyanogenMod, Samsung, or whoever else. Google can't stop you from installing Android, but the Google Play services that include the App store are not a part of the open source Android platform are under their control. They could make it a requirement that anybody installing the Google Play Store on the device allow Google to push updates to the phone.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 164

Compare this to desktop machines though. Microsoft of Ubuntu or whoever makes your OS can issue updates. As soon as those updates are made available, you can update your desktop computer. You don't have to wait for HP, Dell, or anybody else to allow you to make that update to your desktop computer. Why can't phones work the same way? When Google updates Android, I should be able to apply that update, and the manufacturer of the device should have no control over whether or not that update is applied.

Comment Re:Team Size? (Score 1) 158

The problem with the old games that you had to beat all the way through without losing X number of lives is that they could only be so long. Maybe 3 or 4 hours of play time at most. Imagine a game like Super Mario Galaxy which might require 20 hours to beat even with unlimited lives. Imagine every time you lost too many lives you had to start all the way over from the beginning. How many people would beat that game? Almost nobody is going to replay 19 hours every time they die on the last hour of game play. Either you give people a way to get unlimited lives in the first couple hours of gameplay, or you make it so that lives only count within individual stages. If you don't do something like this, then games become unbeatable for all but the people who want to totally devote their life to a game. Even most of the people I know who played Mario 1,2, and 3 never beat any of them without resorting to warping, which brought the play time down to about 30 minutes.

Comment Re:Roaming charges is a racket of tolls and taxes (Score 1) 113

There's a setting on every phone I've had to not use data when roaming. I just leave it turned on all the time. There's no knowing when you're going to pick up a network you don't expect on your cell phone. I live in Canada, and it's quite common to pick up US networks when I'm too close to the border and the coverage on the Canadian side is weak.

Comment Re:No TV (Score 1) 234

Personally I wouldn't mind that either, but then I would also want at least 5 HDMI ports, which almost n TV seems to come with. Think about it. DVD/BluRay player, Game Console, Cable Box/PVR, Roku, and 1 free cable to plug in an ad hoc device like a laptop and we are already at 5 devices. We should probably have 7-10 HDMI ports just to ensure we never have to move the plugs around. My current TV only came with 3 HDMI ports and they are being occupied with game console, Cable PVR, and DVD player. Good thing it's a smart TV so I don't have to rely on another box to stream from plex or accept a MIracast stream from my tablet.

Comment Re:cost too mcuh (Score 1) 126

Yeah, but at least you get an SD card slot (I think they skipped that with the S6). And a headphone jack. I'm sure Samsung is planning a UFS slot in their next phone, which will completely blow the iPhone out of the water. Apple really needs to start giving people what they want if they want to grow their market and start capturing die-hard Android users.

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