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Comment Playing with Fire (Score 1) 62

Whether enough new jobs will open up to replace the quantity of jobs lost to automation and outsourcing, one thing is certain: many people will get displaced and hit hard times. Going from a $25/hr factory worker to a $10/hr Walmart greeter will NOT make for happy citizens, especially when they have a family and mortgage to take care of.

Most "new" jobs are given to young people, not to somebody who has been doing the same thing for 20+ years. Agism is real, even in IT; I've seen it myself.

Politicians ignored or downplayed the displaced and look what happened: they elected a human monkey-wrench in protest to shake things up. The lesson: ignoring the displaced will backfire. We may have only seen the first wave of rebellion; much more can happen.

Comment Re:It just means they are happy with it. (Score 1) 74

Unfortunately, fear-mongering works politically, at least in the USA. It's why we have inflated and impractical incarceration durations. Painting demons for the masses is psychologically easy to do compared the intricacies and nuances of explaining and protecting rights.

Comment Re:there is a reason for that (Score 1) 74

Before you jump to conclusions about "racist software"...

What exactly are the accusations you are defending against?

I will add that bias is not necessarily conscious racism; it could be those who build the equipment and/or train staff on using the equipment are mostly used to dealing with people of a certain ethnic group. These are mistakes of familiarity, not "racism" per se. These kinds of mistakes have appeared in commercial enterprises before, such as manual photo processing labs.

Comment Re:Let's see if I have this right (Score 2) 531

Ideally, the moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans would get together and come up with something

The ACA is already based on moderate ideas. It's mostly based on a Heritage Foundation paper, a right-wing think-tank. The far left wanted single payer (similar to what other industrialized countries have).

It just needs some tuning due to mistakes and GOP budget bullet holes. Let's hope moderates can do that much.

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