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Submission + - Verizon iPhone can’t swap calls. (

TechieAlizay writes: "Not a good read if you own a Verizon iPhone or were planning to get one. But hey we want you to be informed and know all there is to know. It turns out that antennagate and the inability to browse web while making phone calls aren’t the biggest issues for the CDMA flavor of iPhone 4.

Verizon iPhone has been found lacking the essential skills to allowing its users to swap calls and average conference calls as discovered by 9 to 5 Mac:

we have discovered an even bigger issue, and its a true killer for consumers and business users alike. That’s the lack of being able to have a conference call with more than three people (including yourself), being able to switch between phone calls or to be able to hang up on just one person in a conference call"


Submission + - Milky Way Stuffed with 50 Billion Alien Worlds (

astroengine writes: "Using data extrapolated from the early Kepler observations of 1,235 candidate exoplanets, mission scientists have placed an estimate on the number of alien worlds there are in our galaxy. There are thought to be 50 billion exoplanets, 500 million of which are probably orbiting within their stars' habitable zones."

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