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Submission + - An all-Linux office?

MatrixCubed writes: I have been researching putting together a small entertainment-software business, primarily comprised of programmers, artists, and testers. Taking on an all-OSS mindset, I embarked on a mission to research how much of an office could be reasonably implemented, given things like re-education of users with minimal Linux (and Linux application) experience, availability of tools, and hardware components that integrate into the infrastructure without a lot of difficulty. The up-front and obvious requirements (workstations, programming software, networked applications) are simpler to implement (given their development state, availability of documentation, and evolution of the user-friendliness of their configuration UIs), however some of the more obscure or less-talked about applications (groupware, accounting software, project management apps) are either in early development, or don't appear to integrate well with the rest of the networked apps (whether email, LDAP, time tracking software, etc). Additionally, there are hardware components that need to be researched (the all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machine, security camera hardware, wireless access-point devices), as they all play a role in the business environment. Are there Slashdotters who have successfully designed an all-Linux shop, or who have found particular configurations of OSS that work well together?

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